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The CUPA-HR volunteer leader toolkit contains a wealth of resources, tools and guidance to help you in your role as a volunteer leader on the chapter, regional or national level.

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We typically think that higher education employees (faculty and staff) are more engaged than employees in the private sector, but is this true? During this very interactive session, participants will review higher ed employee engagement data from the Gallup organization and discuss the key drivers that help faculty and staff be more engaged. Participants will also identify ways that campuses can focus on these key drivers to not only impact employee engagement, but the engagement and well-being of our students.

Chapter Engagement PowerPoint Presentation
Handout 1 - The Higher Education Workplace cover and article
Handout 2 - Chapter Engagement presentation handout

Recent troubling events on college and university campuses across the country emphasize the critical importance of creating opportunities for open, collaborative, collegial dialogue and learning that helps each of us see the world through the eyes of others. As a part of this effort, it’s also important that we continue to create a more equitable environment for women and minorities in higher education leadership roles. During this presentation, we will discuss microaggressions and talk about the impact-microaggressions can have on women and minorities in higher ed. We will also review 15 years of CUPA-HR data regarding representation and pay equity for women and minorities in higher ed leadership roles and discuss how campuses are creating a more equitable environment for everyone.