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Developed with the help of volunteer leaders and member institutions across the country, The CUPA-HR Job Description Index provides access to sample job descriptions for positions unique to higher education.

Descriptions housed within the index are aligned with the annual survey data collected by the CUPA-HR research team. To aid in the completion of IPEDS and other reporting, all position descriptions are accompanied by a crosswalk section like the one below. Click on the crosswalk section to view additional details.


Position Number:The CUPA-HR position number
BLS SOC#: Bureau of Labor Statistics occupation classification code
BLS Standard Occupational Code (SOC) Category Name: Bureau of Labor Statistics occupation category title
US Census Code#: U.S. Census occupation classification code
VETS-4212 Category: EEO-1 job category title used on VETS-4212 form

***SOC codes are provided as suggestions only. Variations in the specific functions of a position may cause the position to better align with an alternate SOC code.

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All examples in the index come directly from member contributions. You can help us grow the index further by sharing sample descriptions for any of the positions on our desired positions list.

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