Understanding Higher Education

Understanding Higher Education

A CUPA-HR E-Learning Series

From its mission and culture to its funding sources and governance structure, the higher education workplace has a steep learning curve, especially for new employees.

The Understanding Higher Education e-learning series is designed to help all employees be more effective in their roles by developing a deeper understanding of institutional structure and culture. For HR professionals and other leaders new to higher ed, the series also offers a closer look at topics such as tenure, academic reporting structures, compensation practices, Title IX and leadership skills.

The Understanding Higher Education Course Has Evolved!

Understanding Higher Education is now a three-part e-learning series that offers a self-paced and interactive learning experience for all levels of higher ed employees.

Which Course Should You Take?

While each course in the new Understanding Higher Education e-learning series has been carefully crafted to build upon the last, you can take these courses in any order and at any time!

  • Course 1 is for anyone new to the higher education workplace
  • Course 2 is for higher ed HR and similar functions
  • Course 3 is for current HR leaders and those interested in leadership roles
Course 1: An Overview of Higher Education for All Employees

Provides a basic orientation to the higher education environment and is widely applicable to all roles on campus. Anyone can take this course, and we encourage HR professionals to incorporate this course into their onboarding programs. Topics in this course include:

  • Types of institutions and related terminology
  • Cultural hallmarks of the higher education work environment
  • The basics of higher education funding
  • Key soft skills that support success in the workplace
Course 2: Higher Education Employment Practices

Provides HR practitioners with a closer look at the different types of employees found in higher education as well as an introduction to specific compliance laws and regulations that affect higher education. Topics in this course include:

  • A closer look at the process of tenure
  • Academic titles and reporting structures
  • Compensation practices in higher education
  • An overview of Title IX
Course 3: Succeeding and Leading in Higher Education

Provides leaders and aspiring leaders with an introduction to the tools, strategies and resources that can help position them as strategic influencers on their campus. Topics in this course include:

  • Cultivating success through professional growth
  • Engaging in and supporting institutional strategy
  • Universal leadership skills
  • An introduction to key CUPA-HR resources

How to Register and Access Courses

Course 1 is free and open to both CUPA-HR members and non-members. No registration is required. Anyone in higher education may complete this course or use the unaltered course for training purposes at their institution. It should take about an hour to complete.

A benefit of CUPA-HR membership, Course 2 and Course 3 are provided at no cost to CUPA-HR members, but registration is required for each course. These courses are not available to non-members. Each of these courses takes about 30-45 minutes to complete.



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