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Here you'll find links to our most recent blog posts and email alerts related to public policy issues of importance to higher education and higher ed human resources. CUPA-HR's Public Policy Statement provides a framework for CUPA-HR’s public policy advocacy efforts. For position statements, letters and briefs, see our Advocacy Positions page.

March 2021

DOL Delays Effective Date of Final Rule Altering Prevailing Wage Levels (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog)
NLRB Withdraws Proposed Rule on Student Workers (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog)
Executive Order Directs Review of Trump Administration’s Title IX Rule (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog)

January 2021

Biden Revokes Trump Executive Order on Combatting Race and Sex Stereotyping, Issues Executive Order on Advancing Racial Equity in Its Place (Washington Insider Alert)

December 2020

EEOC Releases Q-and-A Guidance Section on COVID-19 Vaccinations (Washington Insider Alert)
COVID-19-Related Emergency Relief Provisions Set to Expire in 2020 (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog)
Federal District Court Enjoins DOL and DHS Rules on H-1B Visas (Washington Insider Alert)

November 2020

EEOC Vice Chair Keith Sonderling Hosts CUPA-HR (Washington Insider Alert)
Planning for a Biden Administration: Implications for Higher Education and Workplace Policies (Washington Insider Alert)

October 2020

Trump Issues Executive Order on Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog)
DOL and DHS Issue Interim Final Rules Overhauling H-1B Visa Program (Washington Insider Alert)

September 2020

DOL Releases Proposed Rule on Independent Contractor Status Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (Washington Insider Alert)
House Passes the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (Washington Insider Alert)

July 2020

DOL Issues New FAQs on COVID-19 (Washington Insider Alert)
ICE Announces Rescission of July 6 Guidance on International Students (Washington Insider Alert)
CUPA-HR Joins Opposition to ICE’s Fall 2020 Guidance for International Students (Washington Insider Alert)

June 2020

COVID-19 Testing
CDC Issues Guidance for COVID-19 Testing by Higher Ed Institutions (Washington Insider Alert)

H-1B, H-2B, L-1, and J-1 Non-Immigrant Visas
Trump Administration Extends and Expands the Suspension of Certain Visas Through 2020 (Washington Insider Alert)

Title VII
Supreme Court Rules in Favor of LGBT Workforce Discrimination Protections (Washington Insider Alert)

May 2020

Title IX
Department of Education Unveils Final Rule on Title IX (Washington Insider Alert)

March 2020

Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)
DOL and IRS Issue April 1 Guidance on FFCRA Leave (Washington Insider Alert)
DOL Issues Guidance on Paid Sick Leave and Expanded FMLA Leave Under COVID-19 Emergency Funding (Washington Insider Alert)
DOL Hosts Call on the Families First Coronavirus Response Act’s Paid Leave Provisions (Washington Insider Alert)
Stimulus Package Mandates Leave for All Public and Small Private Employers (Washington Insider Alert) 

Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act)
CARES Act Educational Stabilization Fund — Provisions for Higher Ed (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog)
House Passes Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog)

Emergency Relief for Higher Education
ACTION NEEDED: Support Emergency Relief for Higher Education (Washington Insider Alert)

January 2020

National Labor Relations Act
CUPA-HR Submits Comments on NLRB’s Proposed Rule for Student Workers (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog) 

December 2019

Affordable Care Act
House Passes Repeal of the Cadillac Tax and the Nonprofit Benefits Tax (Washington Insider Alert) 

September 2019

FLSA Overtime Rule
DOL Releases New Overtime Rule – Exemption Threshold Raised to $35,568 (Washington Insider Alert) 

Workplace Harassment
CUPA-HR Submits Comments ion Response to NASA Harassment Reporting Requirement (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog) 

August 2019

FLSA Overtime Rule
Department of Labor Submits Final Overtime Rule to Office of Management and Budget (Washington Insider Alert) 

June 2019

Sexual Harassment Prevention
Bill Passed Out of House Science Committee Aims to Prevent Sexual Harassment in Higher Ed STEM Field (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog) 

CUPA-HR Joins Amicus Brief in Support of Petition for Rehearing in 403(b) Retirement Case (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog) 

Affordable Care Act
Fight to Repeal the Cadillac Tax Continues (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog) 

May 2019

NLRB Plans to Revisit Student Organizing (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog) 

Equality Act
House Passes Equality Act (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog) 

FLSA Overtime Regulations
CUPA-HR Submits Comments on DOL's Overtime Proposal (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog)

April 2019

DOL Activity
DOL Releases Two New Proposed Rules and Six Opinion Letters (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog)

Advocacy Work
CUPA-HR Goes to Washington (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog)

March 2019

Equality Act
Equality Act Reintroduced (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog)

FLSA Overtime Rule
Department of Labor Proposes Changes to "White Collar" Overtime Pay Exemptions (Washington Insider Alert)
Department of Labor Proposes New Overtime Rule (Washington Insider Alert) 

Equal Pay Act 
Paycheck Fairness Act Passed Out of Committee (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog)

February 2019

Title IX
CUPA-HR Submits Comments on Proposed Rule Amending Title IX Regulations (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog)

January 2019

Top Issues
5 Public Policy Issues That Could Impact Higher Ed This Year (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog)

Title IX
CUPA-HR Submits Comments on Proposed Rule Amending Title IX Regulations (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog)

FLSA Overtime
Department of Labor Moves on Proposed Overtime Rule (Washington Insider Alert)

Executive Compensation
Treasury Issues Interim Guidance on Executive Compensation Excise Tax

October 2018

Title IX
Department of Education Issues Proposed Rule on Title IX (Washington Insider Alert)

Workplace Harassment 
National Science Foundation Issues New Harassment Reporting Requirement (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog)

September 2018

FLSA and Employee Wellness
DOL Issues Opinion Letter on Wellness Activities (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog)

August 2018

FLSA Overtime
DOL’s Wage and Hour Division Announces Overtime Rule Listening Sessions (Washington Insider Alert)
Talking Points For CUPA-HR Members Interested in Attending Listening Sessions

July 2018

Paid Leave
House Holds Paid Leave Hearing (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog) 

Employee Handbook Rules
NLRB General Counsel Issues Guidance on Employee Handbook Rules (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog) 

June 2018

Collective Bargaining
Supreme Court Issues Decision Impacting Public Employees’ Rights Regarding Their Union (Washington Insider Alert) 

May 2018

Regulatory Agenda
Trump Administration Releases Spring 2018 Regulatory Agenda (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog)

April 2018

USCIS Updates E-Verify (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog)

FLSA Overtime
DOL Issues Higher Ed-Specific Fact Sheet on Overtime Pay (Washington Insider Alert)

March 2018

OFCCP Issues Directive Requiring Use of Predetermination Notices to Encourage More Transparency (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog)

DOL Announces Pilot Program to Test Voluntary Reporting of Wage Violations (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog)

Title VII and Workplace Discrimination
Second Circuit Court Rules That Title VII Covers Sexual Orientation Claims (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog)

February 2018

Tax Reform
How the New Excise Tax on Investment Income Could Impact Private Colleges and Universities (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog)
Two New Excise Taxes That Could Impact Higher Ed (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog)
5 Changes to Unrelated Business Income Tax and Fringe Benefits Rules Under the New Tax Law (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog)

January 2018

Affordable Care Act
Cadillac Tax Delayed Two Additional Years (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog)

WHD Starts to Move on Guidance and Rules (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog)

Tax Reform
Updated 2018 Withholding Tables Now Available 

New Republican-Majority NLRB Decisions Impacting Higher Ed (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog)