Emerging CUPA-HR Leaders Program

Emerging CUPA-HR Leaders

The application period for the 2022-23 program year has closed. Selected individuals will be notified by April 12, 2022.

The goal of the Emerging CUPA-HR Leaders program is to identify potential volunteer leaders from across the country that have shown exemplary leadership and initiative within higher ed HR and exhibit the desire to play an active role in advancing the profession. Invited participants will have the unique opportunity to engage in problem-solving work groups and develop deep networks with peers while gaining an inside look at CUPA-HR's operations and structure. Throughout the program, participants are encouraged to serve the association in a leadership capacity, lending a fresh and informed perspective.

Program Objectives

To provide a 12-month experience to selected participants to:

  • Engage in leadership/competency development and program opportunities within CUPA-HR;
  • Be part of a cohort that provides peer interaction and connection with CUPA-HR leaders as an integral part of the learning experience;
  • Form a peer network for professional development and problem solving on current projects/initiatives;
  • Build awareness of CUPA-HR's operations, structures and leadership opportunities; and
  • Serve the profession in a leadership capacity within the association – at the national, region and chapter level.
Who Should Apply?

To be eligible for the Emerging CUPA-HR Leaders program, applicants must be:

  • Employed by a CUPA-HR member institution;
  • Willing and able to commit to the required time as provided in the program requirements;
  • Fully supported by your direct supervisor to participate in all program components;
  • Committed to using your leadership to support CUPA-HR’s strategic priorities and serve the association in a leadership capacity; and
  • Willing to remain engaged with CUPA-HR at the conclusion of the program in a volunteer leadership or mentoring capacity.
Program Requirements

Selected emerging CUPA-HR leaders must agree to:

  • Participate in association leadership events, which can include virtual and in-person sessions or conferences. (CUPA-HR covers airfare, hotel and other costs to attend and participate in any required in-person event);
  • Attend CUPA-HR’s annual conference in the fall. (CUPA-HR will cover registration, hotel and airfare for program participants);
  • Engage in a CUPA-HR leadership project/experience during the fiscal year and, to the degree possible, participate in CUPA-HR activities at the national, regional or chapter level;
  • Participate in monthly calls scheduled throughout the program year;
  • Share feedback on how to improve the Emerging CUPA-HR Leaders program; and
  • At the conclusion of the experience, serve as a mentor to the new Emerging CUPA-HR Leaders group.
If you have questions about the Emerging CUPA-HR Leaders program, contact CUPA-HR at memberservice@cupahr.org.

Past Emerging CUPA-HR Leaders


Ayesha L. Kidd (2020-21)
Deborah Shivers (2020-21)
Aaron Copley‐Spivey (2020-21)
Tammy Gouger (2020-21)
Natalie Trent (2020-21)
Marie DeWalt (2020-21)
Sheri Jungman (2020-21)


Bonnie Dennler (2019-20)
Mike Noll (2019-20)
LaDonna Watts
Paula MacDonald
Christina Brogdon
Carolyn Llorens


Melanie Desantis (2018-19)
Jacob Lathrop (2018-19)
Sujata Malhotra (2018-19)
Keyashia Sheppard (2018-19)
Diana Sobczynski (2018-19)
Jewel Washington (2018-19)


Darrell Easley (2017-18)
Kenneth Nelson (2017-18)
Lauren A. Rubitz (2017-18)
Marc Serrett (2017-18)
Erik Smetana (2017-18)


Shenita Brokenburr (2016-17)
Roger Brown, Jr. (2016-17)
Sheraine Gilliam (2016-17)
Justin Lacy (2016-17)
Alicia Pendleton (2016-17)
Ashley Soublet (2016-17)

For current Emerging CUPA-HR Leaders program participants only.