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Nov. 1, 2021 Jan. 14, 2022

CUPA-HR is the source for reliable and comprehensive salary, benefits and workforce data for higher ed institutions, as well as the tools needed to generate custom analyses and reports. Each year, CUPA-HR collects data for the following surveys:

  • Administrators in Higher Education Survey
  • Faculty in Higher Education Survey
  • Professionals in Higher Education Survey
  • Staff in Higher Education Survey
  • Benefits in Higher Education Survey

Survey participants not only contribute to this important research, but also receive deep discounts on DataOnDemand, CUPA-HR's subscription-based data analysis tool that lets you generate countless reports using custom comparison groups.

Need Help With Providing Your Data?

Participation Webinar - On Demand

Participation Webinar
On-Demand Webinar | Sponsored by Cornerstone OnDemand

Whether you’re a long-time participant or participating for the first time, you’ll learn what’s new for the 2021-22 data collection cycle in this recorded webinar. Topics covered include:

  • Changes to this year’s surveys
  • Everything you need to know to participate this year
  • Critical planning dates to make participation easy
  • What data you should plan to provide and start gathering now
  • Where to get answers to your questions during the collection cycle
  • How your institution benefits from participating in our surveys
In-Depth Video Tutorial for Participants

Participation In-Depth Tutorial
On-Demand Video Tutorial

If you're new to CUPA-HR surveys, this tutorial details step-by-step how to participate in our surveys! You’ll learn from CUPA-HR’s research team everything you need to know about how to provide data for CUPA-HR surveys. Topics covered include:

  • An overview of the data collected in each survey
  • Data Provider Management
  • Where to find the Survey Participation and Information Templates and how to use them
  • How to complete Institutional Basics
  • How to match your institution’s positions to CUPA-HR position codes
  • The required format for your data
  • How to submit your data
  • How to address common data upload errors

New to CUPA-HR Surveys?

3 Reasons to Participate
  1. CUPA-HR is the source for the most reliable and comprehensive higher ed salary and benefits data available. Join the more than 1,300 institutions that contribute annually to this important data resource. Learn more.
  2. At the heart of every great strategy is the data to back it up. When you participate, the data you pull for reports in DataOnDemand includes your institution's data as well.
  3. When you participate, you save! We offer deep discounts (up to 60% off) on reports and DataOnDemand to our participants. See individual Results and DataOnDemand for pricing information.
Data Anonymity Statement

Our Data Anonymity Statement provides an overview of the safeguards we have in place to ensure that our data is anonymous at both the employee and institutional levels.

Count Me In! What's Next?

Great! We start communicating with participants in the early fall in preparation for the data collection open date of November 1. To ensure that your institution is included in those communications, add one or more data providers (the individuals who will complete the surveys on your institution's behalf) using the Data Provider Management Tool, and we'll take care of the rest. Questions? Contact us at Ask Research.

Participating Is Easy

Step 1: Update Your Institution's Survey Data Providers

Survey data providers are those individuals who are authorized to complete surveys on behalf of your institution. If you have an addition or update, please use the Data Provider Management Tool to make those changes. You can make updates at any time.

Step 2: Log in to Confirm That You Will Participate

This is a critical step. After data collection opens on November 1, follow these steps to confirm your participation for each survey. We'll send you instructions and keep you apprised of any updates related to the surveys.

Log in to Surveys Online, our data collection platform, and then:

  1. Select the Surveys tab
  2. Click on Survey Menu
  3. Check the box for “Your Institution…” > “Will Complete” for each survey you plan to complete.
Step 3: Review the Survey Participation and Information Templates

Survey Participation and Information Templates include all of the information you need to collect and provide data for CUPA-HR surveys.

Step 4: Collect and Input Your Data for Each Survey

Log in to Surveys Online, our data collection platform, and then:

  1. Select the Surveys tab
  2. Click on Survey Menu
  3. Choose the survey you wish to complete

If you or one of your colleagues has not already done so, gather basic information about your institution as listed in the INSTITUTIONAL BASICS tab of the Survey Participation and Information Templates. You must manually enter Institutional Basics information under the "Initial Questions" > "Institutional Basics" section of the survey in Surveys Online. Institutional Basics only need to be filled out once during the survey collection period.

Input information on staff and faculty into the UPLOAD TEMPLATE tab of the Survey Participation and Information Template for the survey you're completing. Be sure to follow instructions on the UPLOAD DIRECTIONS tab.

Upload an Excel file containing only our UPLOAD TEMPLATE with your data under the "Survey Form" section for the survey you're completing.

Step 5: Indicate That Your Survey Has Been Completed

To indicate that your survey is complete, check the box in the Survey Menu for “Your Institution…” > “Has Completed” the survey.

Have Questions?

Ask Research. We are happy to assist in any way we can. Please send your question or request using our Ask Research form.

Ask Other Participants. You can ask questions of other survey participants in the Data User Group in CUPA-HR's online community. This forum is open to CUPA-HR member and nonmember institutions, although a CUPA-HR website account is required to log in. (Tip: Join the forum to enable sending and receiving messages via e-mail.)

Do You Have A New Position Suggestion?

New Position Suggestion. Fill out this form to suggest a new position for benchmarking in the CUPA-HR Administrators, Professionals, or Staff Surveys.