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Why Do More Than 1,300 Institutions Annually Contribute to and Use CUPA-HR Data?

These are your surveys … created by and for higher education HR and institutional research professionals

For more than 50 years, CUPA-HR has worked with campus HR leaders to create salary and benefits reporting tools and resources. No one does a better job of helping you report your data and create the summaries you and other campus leaders need to make decisions. Further, our professional research team and Research Advisory Committee use feedback we receive from you to make improvements and enhancements every year. With federal and state policy changes occurring on a regular basis, participating in our surveys and having access to this data are more important than ever. CUPA-HR surveys are the only reliable higher ed resource to help you compare your campus positions to others across the country.

Approximately 1,300 institutions participate each year, contributing incumbent-level data that reflects the salaries, demographic information, and benefits of more than 270,000 full-time faculty by discipline and rank and more than 500,000 administrators and staff.

Hundreds of institutions take advantage of CUPA-HR’s powerful, easy-to-use data-analysis tools, which give them immediate access to peer and aspirational institution data that presidents, provosts and other campuses leaders expect and need from higher ed HR and institutional research professionals. Created by and for higher ed human resources and institutional research professionals, these are truly your resources.

In addition to the depth and scope of our surveys, important behind-the-scenes efforts contribute to our data’s reputation as the platinum standard in higher ed salary research:

  1. Privacy Respected:
    Because CUPA-HR is sensitive to privacy concerns related to compensation information, our surveys protect the anonymity of institutions and incumbents. Our Data Anonymity Statement provides an overview of the safeguards we have in place to ensure that our data is anonymous at both the employee and institutional levels.
  1. Unmatched Detail Provided:
    With the anonymity we provide, we attract a more representative population of participants, which allows us to collect and provide faculty salary data at the discipline and incumbent levels, data points that are essential for benchmarking and not available from any other major data source.
  1. Data Validation Conducted:
    CUPA-HR data not only undergoes strict system validation checks, but is also subjected to the rigorous checks of our research team and is routinely cross-validated with other compensation surveys.

Learn more about CUPA-HR Research and find out how to participate by providing your institution’s data.