July 2022

The CUPA-HR 2022 Higher Education Employee Retention Survey: Initial Results

This report provides an overview of what proportion of the higher ed workforce is at risk for leaving, why they’re con...

April 2022

The Development, Fundraising, and Alumni Relations Workforce in Higher Education

In this report, we examine the demographics, salaries, retention, diversity and pay equity of fundraising employees in h...

February 2022

The Representation of Women and Racial/Ethnic Minorities in the Workforce of MSIs

This report provides an examination of the racial/ethnic and gender composition of the MSI workforce and assesses how we...


Annual Workforce Data

August 2022

Positions/Disciplines With the Greatest Growth and Decline

Positions with the greatest growth and decline are based on the percentage change in the number of incumbents reported i...

July 2022

Median Ratios for Staff, Faculty, and Students

How do your institution's staff, faculty and student ratios compare to higher ed as a whole?

June 2022

To Whom Does the CHRO Report?

The 2021-22 data show the percentage of higher ed chief HR officers who report to various executives on campus.


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CUPA-HR Data User Group

Have questions about participating in surveys, using DataOnDemand, analyzing data, or ussing data to inform your decisions? Tap the expertise of our online research community.

CUPA-HR Snap Polls

Occasionally, CUPA-HR receives questions that aren’t included in our signature surveys but would provide useful information for our members. With our monthly snap polls, we hope to capture that information and share the aggregate results.

DEI Maturity Index

CUPA-HR's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Maturity Index is designed to help higher ed institutions take meaningful steps to develop their DEI efforts around staff and faculty.