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CUPA-HR Data Use Agreement

CUPA-HR survey data is intended to be used by authorized individuals at the institution that has purchased the survey results to help inform workforce analysis and decision-making. Review the Data Use Agreement carefully. Questions regarding use or application should be addressed to research@cupahr.org.

  1. All survey results are copyrighted by the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPA-HR).No data contained in a survey report or obtained through DataOnDemand (DOD) may be reproduced in any form for any purpose without the written consent of CUPA-HR. Report findings and conclusions may be appropriately cited/referenced in other reporting if there is proper acknowledgment of the source and the referenced material does not involve wholesale reproduction of data tables or graphics.
  2. DOD can be purchased by 1) higher education institutions and 2) higher ed affiliates with authorization from CUPA-HR.Due to the sensitive and confidential nature of the data we collect, we reserve the right to confirm an individual’s authorization to purchase DOD with their HR department and to confirm with HR that each user listed on the order is authorized to view employee data. Designated individuals within the HR department may provide DOD access to others at their institution via the Research Ordering Portal. CUPA-HR accepts no responsibility for any employee who misrepresents their authorization.
  3. Survey results may not be changed or modified.Results may not be misrepresented as to their source or intent.
  4. Survey results may not be used to solicit or conduct business.The sole exception is the use of consultants who are currently engaged in a project with an institution that has granted access to that institution’s purchase of DOD. Consultants may use the obtained data in their business dealings with the purchasing institution only. Consultants cannot order DOD directly but are provided access through the subscribing institution. Subscribers wishing to grant access to a consultant should write memberservice@cupahr.org with the following information:
    • The consultant’s name, company, and contact information
    • The surveys to which the consultant should be provided access
    • The date when consultant access should be discontinued (if no date is specified, access is provided for the length of the subscription)
  5. Survey results may be uploaded to a separate compensation management system (CMS) under the following conditions:
    • The uploaded data is used by and for the institution that purchased the data only.
    • The owner/subscriber of the CMS guarantees that the data will not be distributed to other clients or third parties.
    • The owner/subscriber of the CMS has read and signed this agreement.
    • All CUPA-HR data must be removed from the CMS within thirty (30) days of written request or termination of the CMS subscription agreement by the institution.
    • Third-party consultant access can be granted only with separate specific permission as specified in this agreement. If the CMS is owned/subscribed to by a consultant, this agreement gives the right to load CUPA-HR data into the CMS specific to the purchasing institution – and engagement - only. The consultant shall not use this data for any other clients, and data must be removed at the conclusion of the engagement with the institution.
    • All other terms of the Data Use Agreement are followed.
  6. Access to survey results is limited to the users purchasing a report or DOD subscription. Sharing report information, log-in credentials, output from DOD analyses, or DOD access with other institutions or organizations will result in immediate cancellation of access and will preclude future access. The system tracks and monitors purchases, use, and users.
  7. A higher ed institution is defined as an entity which has as its sole purpose the provision of postsecondary education and reports to the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS)hosted by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). A higher ed affiliate is an institution that is associated with or that functions similarly to a higher ed institution (e.g., a research foundation, hospital, or preparatory school) that has been authorized by CUPA-HR to purchase data for workforce decision-making. Results must be purchased for each institution in which CUPA-HR data is used and may only be used for the institution for which the subscription was purchased. Results may not be shared with — or used for — institutions within a multi-institution system for which data has not been purchased. System offices, defined as any entity that oversees two or more institutions, may share or use data only with institutions in their system for which the data has been purchased.