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CUPA-HR Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Maturity Index



What does an institution need to have in place to create and sustain:

  • A diverse workforce?
  • Equitable hiring and compensation practices?
  • An inclusive work environment for all?

In higher education, attention to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts is often focused on the student population. CUPA-HR's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Maturity Index is designed to help higher ed institutions take meaningful steps to develop their DEI efforts around staff and faculty.

What Does It Measure?

The index helps you measure your institution's progress on five areas of workforce DEI efforts:


Communication and Education
  • How your institution defines DEI
  • Incorporation of DEI into mission and strategic priorities
  • Use of inclusive language in policies and procedures
  • Demonstration of the value of DEI by top leaders
  • Value of DEI communicated at all levels of the institution
  • Education of new and existing faculty/staff
  • Representation of protected groups in faculty/staff
  • Equitable pay for protected groups in faculty/staff
  • Collection of data, type of data, and how it’s used
  • Assessments and reviews of institution’s own DEI efforts/goals
  • Accountability to DEI goals at all levels
  • Efforts to welcome diversity on campus
  • Institutional response to unexpected events and feedback
  • Engagement of variety of campus groups in DEI efforts
  • Diverse representation in committees and leadership
  • Representation across the workforce
  • Campus-wide culture of DEI
  • Engagement of community beyond campus
Investment and Infrastructure
  • Dedicated staff for DEI
  • Dedicated financial resources for DEI
  • Communication of priorities and outcomes across the institution
  • Quality of DEI resources
  • Investment in student pipeline for the future workforce
Compensation, Recruitment and Retention
  • Pay equity plans for faculty/staff
  • Retention and promotion efforts for diverse hires
  • Hiring protocols and search committee prep
  • Faculty/staff recruitment applicant pool data

You rate your institution's efforts in each area, and — based on your responses — the index provides scores to help identify areas of strength and areas that need improvement. It also suggests actions that can be taken to achieve progress in weaker areas. For resources to support those actions, visit CUPA-HR's diversity resources page.

Who Can Use the Index?

This is a free resource that can be used as often as needed by individuals or teams on your campus who are familiar with your institution's DEI efforts. Read more about the development of the index.