DataOnDemand User Guide and Tutorials

Having trouble accessing your DataOnDemand subscription? Review these steps for gaining access.

Whether you're new to DataOnDemand (DOD) or a long-time user, we have resources to help. DOD is accessed through Surveys Online and is available from the date of purchase through February 15 of the following year. You must purchase DOD for each survey you want to access, and discounts are available for institutions that participated in the survey.

Manage Access to Your DOD Subscriptions

DataOnDemand access can now be granted or removed at any time by your institution's chief HR officer and/or CUPA-HR membership contact, both of whom have administrative access to the subscription management system. They can also assign a sub-administrator to grant or remove DOD access on their behalf. Manage DOD access.

Anyone at your institution can purchase DOD subscriptions, but only your chief HR officer, your CUPA-HR membership contact, and/or a sub-administrator(s) can grant access. When new DOD purchases are made by your institution, or someone at your institution is granted access to DOD subscriptions, the chief HR officer, CUPA-HR membership contact, and sub-administrators receive an automatic notification with information and instructions.

Anyone at your institution who logs in to the ordering site using their personal CUPA-HR login can view purchase history and download annual report PDFs. View your institution’s Order History.

Questions about adding or removing DOD access? Contact Member Service.


The User Guide includes a wealth of information about creating comparison groups and generating reports in DataOnDemand

Data User Group

Join other DOD users in CUPA-HR's online community to discuss tips for creating and sharing reports. This Data User Group community is open to CUPA-HR member and nonmember institutions, although a CUPA-HR website account is required to log in. (Tip: Join the community to enable sending and receiving messages via e-mail.) Go to the community page.

Protecting Confidentiality

Use of DOD is limited only by the five restrictions in place to protect confidentiality:

  • No salary data are linked to a given institution (other than where a user has permission to see his or her own institution’s data).
  • No salary data are reported for positions with fewer than five responding institutions.
  • A comparison group must include a minimum of eight institutions that participated in the survey.
  • Each comparison group created and used must differ by at least three institutions from all other existing and deleted comparison groups.
  • The weighted data option provides salary data only for positions with five or more responding institutions and in which all responding institutions comprise 25.0% or less of position incumbents. If a position has at least five responding institutions but one institution represents more than 25% of the incumbents, salary data is not reported.

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