New Position Suggestion

This form is used to suggest a new position for benchmarking in the CUPA-HR Administrators, Professionals, or Staff Surveys. A separate form must be submitted for each position requested.

Suggestions are reviewed by the CUPA-HR Research Advisory Committee for possible inclusion in the next survey cycle. Decisions are based on the following:

  • Non-overlap with the current positions we survey. Carefully check the position descriptions in the SPIT files for our surveys prior to submitting your suggestion to ensure we do not already survey this position. Overlaps are determined by position descriptions, not by titles, as specific titles can vary between institutions.
  • The existence of a critical number of positions for benchmarking. Before submitting your suggestion, do your homework. Is this position specific to your institution only, or does this position exist at enough institutions (at least a dozen should come readily to mind or come up in a search) to warrant benchmarking?
  • Suggested titles and descriptions that are complete and fit into our current structure. Carefully check SPIT files to review descriptions that are semi-related to the one you’re suggesting, and use similar language. Descriptions should not contain language that is specific to your institution.

* indicates a required field