For Volunteers

Frequently Asked Questions

Event Planning

Is there a speaker database available?

There are presentations available in the event planning section of the toolkit that can be used for programming for your chapter event. These presentations are ready to go and include facilitator guides. You can also send out a call for presentations or ask you peers for known subject matter experts who would be happy to share their expertise. Your region board may also have some suggestions for speakers in or near your chapter’s area.

Chapter Website, Email and Online Community

Can I get a list of my chapter members to send out an email to those people?

Since the bylaws change in 2016-17, CUPA-HR chapters no longer need to maintain a “membership” list. Chapter membership is open to everyone in your area. To reach out to those members to share news and information, you can use the email request form to have CUPA-HR send an email on your behalf to everyone in your chapter’s area.

How do I get my chapter’s event listed on the CUPA-HR website?

Use the chapter event promotion form to let the CUPA-HR national office know when you have set a date and location for your chapter event. We will post it on the calendar of events.

What is the difference between a chapter community and an email blast?

A chapter community allows chapter members to have group discussions online and via email. You can post questions and comments, and share ideas and best practices. A chapter can share upcoming event information through its community, but should not rely on a community as its only mode of communication. Since participation in the community is optional, you will not be reaching everyone in your chapter area and will be greatly limiting the number of people who are notified of your upcoming event if the community is the only way you share that information. It’s also best not to use the community as a promotional tool, but rather as an informational resource.

Promotional emails from the national office on behalf of your chapter are sent to everyone in our database in your chapter area.

  • The database includes national members and nonmembers who are employed by higher ed institutions in the chapter area.
  • Current chapter contacts range from 600-2,300 names.
  • These individuals range from early-career professionals to chief HR officers.
  • Nonmember contacts include individuals who have registered for national CUPA-HR events or purchased CUPA-HR products, such as salary reports, as well as contacts obtained through lists we have purchased.
  • The contacts change daily as people are added to or dropped from rosters, as they opt in or out of receiving certain emails, or when we find out they’ve left their institutions.

For more on chapter communities, visit the Chapter Communities link in the Chapter Marketing and Communications section of the toolkit.

Business, Legal and Finance

One of our board members has left the board, what do I need to do?

You should fill the vacant position and update your chapter board list using the form in the leader toolkit. Per your chapter bylaws, in the event of a vacancy in any office, the board of directors shall can make an interim appointment that will be for the remainder of the former board member’s term of office. Updates to your chapter board list can be made by completing the Update Chapter Board List form in the volunteer leader toolkit.

How do I update my chapter’s bylaws to include other or new positions?

The bylaws template contains the five positions needed to govern your board. Any other board positions should not be listed in your bylaws, but noted in your business meeting minutes or in your chapter’s operating procedures to provide flexibility for your current and future boards.

How do we get certificate of insurance for our event?

Complete the online request for certificate of insurance form located in the volunteer leader toolkit and submit to