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Chapter Forums

Forums or online communities are great tools for staying connected, sharing information and discussing shared interests. Your chapter can now access and use an online chapter forum through CUPA-HR Connect to communicate with people in your chapter’s area.

Anyone in your chapter’s area will be able to participate in your forum. The only requirement is that each person have a free CUPA-HR website account. National members and individuals who have made purchases or registered for events on the site already have accounts. For those who need one, the process for setting up an account is easy. Simply click the Log In link at the top of any page of the CUPA-HR website and look for the Create a New Account option. Participants in your forum will be able to subscribe to the forum to send and receive posts via email.

As a chapter leader, you’ll have the responsibility of nurturing your forum to ensure that it’s useful for its users.

Three Things to Consider When Engaging People Through Your Forum

  1. Choose a point person: Although everyone on your chapter board can have access to the forum, consider choosing a point person from your board to monitor the forum, ensuring that every question, comment or other post shared by those in your group gets a response. It can be a real turn off to post something to a forum and hear nothing but crickets in return.
  2. Have a plan: With the ability to send messages quickly, it can be tempting to post messages to your forum on a whim. Try to resist the urge. It’s always best to give some thought to what you share with your group so you can avoid overloading your audience or confusing them with overlapping messages.
  3. Keep it going year round: You’ll likely have a lot to share with your group right before and perhaps during your chapter events. Don’t forget to engage your group throughout the year with questions or prompts for discussion on hot topics on your campus, in your chapter area or elsewhere.

To request a chapter forum provided by CUPA-HR through the CUPA-HR Connect online community, or to let us know about your third-party listserv and promote that space on CUPA-HR’s website, fill out this form.

CUPA-HR’s national office team will periodically promote chapter forums through a variety of communications, starting with a message to everyone in your chapter’s area when your new (or existing forum) is first added to the CUPA-HR website.

If you have any questions about chapter forums or how to get started, please email Member Service or call toll free at 877-2872474.