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Corporate Partner Giveaways, Door Prizes and Gifts

If needed, your chapter can develop its own guidelines for corporate partner giveaways, door prizes and gifts. On the national level, as of January 1, 2016, CUPA-HR allows exhibitor giveaways and drawings with an enforced monetary limit at national events. While CUPA-HR will continue to educate its partners on the various ways members enjoy building their corporate relationships, re-introducing the exhibitor giveaways and drawings, with an enforced limit, opens the opportunity for greater success for our partners.

We emphasize to exhibitors and sponsors that giveaways and drawings are not required should a partner’s corporate policy prohibit or advise against this practice.

For more information and sample policy language, read CUPA-HR’s policies on hospitality events and entertainment and gifts.

CUPA-HR continues to encourage members and conference attendees to educate themselves on institutional policies and requirements. To do so, CUPA-HR uses the following language:

Before You Accept Gifts or Invitations …

… please be sure to review your institution’s policies on accepting gifts and meals offered by exhibitors and sponsors at the conference. We also encourage you to read CUPA-HR’s statement on corporate gifts and entertainment:

Our exhibitors and sponsors continue to be very generous with CUPA-HR members attending national, regional and chapter conferences. However, CUPA-HR advises all members to review any applicable institutional or other guidelines before accepting invitations or gratuities at conferences from exhibitors, sponsors and partners. Some institutions have strict guidelines as to what is and is not acceptable with regard to an employee accepting invitations for meals, gifts and gratuities from vendors or potential vendors of the institution. If you have questions about the value of a meal, gift, or gratuity, please contact the exhibitor/sponsor. If you choose to participate in a corporate partner sponsored event that does not comply with institutional guidelines, you may be required to take steps to remedy the situation (for example, you may need to reimburse the corporate host for the meal or gift).