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Booking Assistance Available

If your chapter has an event for which you expect a minimum of 20 total guestroom nights or more, CUPA-HR’s meetings partner ConferenceDirect can provide hotel contracting and site selection assistance at no additional cost.

ConferenceDirect can only assist you if you’re at the beginning of the process. If you already have a contract, ConfenceDirect will not be able to assist your chapter.

To take advantage of this service, contact our primary account executive at ConferenceDirect before you contact potential hotels for information.

Peter M. Green, CMP
Vice President ConferenceDirect®
1815 Quincy Street, NW
Washington, DC 20011
Phone: 202-291-9600
Fax: 202-478-1618
Cell: 202-302-0978

Be prepared to provide Peter the following information:

  • Name of the meeting
  • Full contact information of person who will be responsible for agreeing to and signing the final hotel contract
  • Preferred meeting dates
  • Alternate meeting dates or flexibility with preferred date or pattern
  • Preferred location or destination
  • Number of guestrooms to contract per night
  • Meeting and function schedule including requested meeting space set up (what do you need in the room) and starting and ending times
  • Number of participants expected
  • Amount of food and beverage you can commit to providing prior to tax and service fees
  • How hotel reservations will be handled (individuals calling in or online through a dedicated hotel web link)
  • Payment method for final bill
  • Important parameters (such as location, amenities, etc.) to consider when selecting the hotel

Sample Contract

To help you contract with hotels or other local venues, check out the sample documents and templates  section for a sample contract you can adapt to your needs.