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Virtual Meetings and Connections

Although gathering CUPA-HR members in-person right now may not be possible, it’s vital for us to continue CUPA-HR’s priorities of building community and belonging and delivering top-notch learning and development opportunities.

One of CUPA-HR’s core strengths is our ability to help members build connections with one another, and we recognize that those connections are a key benefit for members because it allows them to share resources, develop skills and receive support. Our members need these connections now more than ever before.

Because connections have traditionally happened for CUPA-HR members at face-to-face events such as chapter meetings and conferences, we encourage all chapter leaders to adapt to a new normal and work toward new ways of creating connections for members. This work will keep CUPA-HR at the forefront as the go-to resource for connecting with higher education HR professionals.

We understand that CUPA-HR’s chapter leaders are being tested by the important needs of their campus communities as well as the needs of CUPA-HR members in their chapter areas. That’s why the national CUPA-HR association is offering additional support to help leaders plan and implement virtual connection and learning opportunities through virtual platform support.

Platform Support for Virtual Events

Platform support for virtual events provides your chapter board with use of the branded CUPA-HR Zoom platform but leaves most of the event planning in the hands of your chapter’s board. The national office requires 4 weeks' notice for this support. Here's the division of responsibilities:

Your chapter board would ...
  • Submit the initial support request form at least 4 weeks prior to your event to prompt assistance from the national office. In this form, you’ll provide your preferred dates and times for the event as well as goals of the event (i.e. are you hoping for social interaction, a group discussion of important topics, or offering educational sessions, etc.). Please note that the national office staff is in the Eastern Time zone and would be happy to discuss preferred times in your local time zone based staff availability outside of Eastern Time business hours.
  • Create an agenda with guidance from CUPA-HR staff (suggested duration of meeting should not exceed two hours, depending on format.)
  • Manage event registration or sign up and provide Meeting ID/Password information for attendees to access the event. (CUPA-HR staff will provide the Meeting ID and Password.)
  • Recruit and coordinate with event facilitators and speakers per the planned agenda. A facilitator would serve as the emcee for the event and speakers may present educational content or share best practices.
  • Solicit sponsorship of the event with sponsorship funds to be retained by the chapter (this is optional).
  • Submit request forms to add the event to the CUPA-HR calendar of events and distribute promotional email.
  • Create event protocol to outline details such as who’s doing what and when (this will be needed to help CUPA-HR staff manage the logistical components of the meeting).
The national office staff would ...
  • Create your event in the CUPA-HR Zoom platform and provide your chapter board with the meeting ID and password that will be used by your attendees to access the event.
  • Manage the logistical components of the Zoom platform during the event as the event “host.” This includes management of in-meeting polls, whiteboard functionality, etc. (These elements would need to be defined and highlighted in your event protocols.) Note that “hosting” refers to the behind-the-scenes operation of the platform rather than “facilitating,” which refers to serving as the emcee for the event.
  • Distribute promotional emails as requested by the chapter board per the normal email blast request form.
  • Add the event to the CUPA-HR website per the normal event notification form.

Additional Virtual Event Planning Resources

Need more guidance? Contact us at 877-287-2474 or email us your questions about hosting a virtual chapter event.