For Volunteers

Chapter Conference Content

Looking for presentations to use at your chapter event? Consider these easy ideas.

Advocacy 101

This 10-minute presentation takes an interactive approach to demonstrating how public-policy advocacy works, and briefly explores both CUPA-HR’s advocacy efforts and ways HR professionals can support advocacy efforts. The facilitator guide contains a script for the PowerPoint slides and directions for conducting a fun activity to demonstrate the anatomy of an advocacy campaign.

Need a longer presentation?

Advocacy 101 is perfect for presenting in conjunction with a speaker or webinar presentation on a hot-button public policy issue such as FLSA, Title IX or DACA.

  • Ask a local expert. Consider asking a local expert, such as an on-campus public affairs officer, employment lawyer or political science professor, familiar with workforce legislation to share insights or lead a discussion on the topic or issue identified in your activity.
  • Watch a webinar and discuss. Show the latest recorded CUPA-HR Quarterly Washington Update webinar and have discussions on the issues presented (see the “Facilitator Guide: Compliance Issues Facing HR and Institutions Webinar” below).

The CUPA-HR government relations team is available to discuss CUPA-HR’s policy positions with you or your local expert regarding the topic or issue identified in your activity. Contact CUPA-HR to schedule the call.

On-Demand Webinars

The plug-and-play presentations below include content, examples and talking points to help you or someone you choose lead a 1- to 2-hour session. All you need is a facilitator or subject matter expert who can lead the session and answer questions.

  1. Facilitator Guide: Active Shooter Webinar
  2. Facilitator Guide: Compliance Issues Facing HR and Institutions Webinar

CUPA-HR Essentials Videos

These videos are designed to give the most crucial information about a specific focus area in about 10 minutes. You can share a video with your attendees and follow it with a discussion on the related processes and procedures that are most “essential” for a higher ed institution.

Knowledge Center Toolkits

Use a Knowledge Center toolkit to introduce members to a topic or discuss the higher ed perspective related to it. Don’t forget to share your success with other chapter leaders.

 What worked for you? Email other chapter leaders through the Leader Group in CUPA-HR Connect to share how you used these and other resources, and let everyone know what questions, examples and tips you used in your presentation.