For Volunteers

Chapter Conference Content

Looking for presentations to use at your chapter event? Consider these easy ideas:

Include a CUPA-HR Public Policy presentation as a part of your next chapter meeting!  

CUPA-HR’s D.C.-based Public Policy team has prepared a presentation that team members can present remotely via internet connection and a projector at your conference location.  The brief 35-minute presentation includes a 20-minute talk about “Government Affairs: What Is It and Why Should I Care?” plus a brief update on current events in D.C. and some time for questions and answers with your attendees.  It can be used as a kick-off to table or group discussions on the topics discussed or as a stand-alone taste of the latest from D.C. 

If you are interested in scheduling this presentation at your next meeting please reach out to Christi Layman, CUPA-HR’s Government Relations Manager, at

Equipment you will need to provide:

  • Google Chrome (latest version)
  • Internet access
  • Laptop
  • Projector and screen
  • External/portable speakers

Use one of the plug-and-play presentations below as a component of your next chapter event.

These prepared presentations include content, examples and talking points to help you or someone you choose lead a 1-2-hour session. All you need is a facilitator or subject matter expert who can lead the session and answer questions.

  1. Facilitator Guide: Active Shooter Webinar
  2. Facilitator Guide: Compliance Issues Facing HR and Institutions Webinar

Keep in mind that new presentations will be added throughout the year, so check back for other opportunities in a variety of formats.

Use a CUPA-HR Essential video to spark discussion.

These videos are designed to give the most crucial information about a specific focus area in about 10 minutes. You can share the video with you attendees and follow it with a discussion on the related processes and procedures that are most “essential” for a higher ed institution.

Use a Knowledge Center toolkit to introduce members to a topic or discuss the higher ed perspective related to it.

Don’t forget to share your success with other chapter leaders. Email your fellow chapter leaders across the country through CUPA-HR Connect to share how you used these and other resources, and let everyone know what questions, examples and tips you shared with your attendees.