For Volunteers

Treasurer’s Guide

Congratulations! You have been elected as the treasurer for your chapter. CUPA-HR national office staff is here to help. If yours is not a new chapter, the previous chapter treasurer will also be able to offer great advice.


  • Obtain all chapter financial records from the previous chapter treasurer.
  • Maintain the chapter’s bank account.
  • Submit an accounting of the chapter's financial records for the previous fiscal year ending June 30 by August 31 each year.
  • Respond quickly to any requests from the national office regarding financial matters.
  • Assist with a smooth transition to the next elected treasurer by maintaining all chapter financial records in a timely and organized manner.

How will the National Office Help?

The staff at the national office of CUPA-HR will help your chapter by:

  • Finding the answer to any question you may have.
  • Filing or notifying you to file your state's annual report (if applicable). If CUPA-HR national office files your report, the fees will be paid by them.
  • Filing the 990N epostcard to maintain your 501(c)(3) federal tax exemption if your chapter is listed on the CUPA-HR group exemption roster.
  • Providing blank forms and templates here in the toolkit.
  • Providing liability insurance at no charge to the chapter.
  • Providing a resident agent in your state to assist with legal notifications (CUPA-HR national office will pay these fees).

Questions? Contact us via email.