For Volunteers

Chapter Board Elections

Because CUPA-HR chapters no longer have membership lists, the chapter boards are responsible for
electing their board officers.

The election should mirror the process of the national and regional boards. Here’s what we suggest:

  1. All open board positions should be posted on your chapter website, along with a description of
    the responsibilities, criteria for selection and term of each available position.
  2. A nomination timeline should be shared on your website, indicating the closing date for
    nominations and when the board will make its selections.
  3. Instructions for people to submit nominations should be outlined. Nominations can be
    submitted using an online form you create with questions regarding the candidate’s higher ed
    HR experience and why he or she wants to serve on the board, or by asking potential candidates
    to email this information to a designated board member.
  4. When the nomination period closes, the board should review the submissions and select the
    best candidate for the open position. Consider who’s on the current board and select officers
    who will complement existing members to be representative of the higher education HR
    professionals in your chapter area. It’s important to be intentional about selecting officers from
    underrepresented institutions. Your chapter board should include people from multiple
    institution types and sizes.
  5. After new board members are selected, it’s important for current board members to contact the
    elected officers to congratulate them and begin the onboarding process. It’s also important to
    contact the candidates who were not elected to thank them for submitting their nomination and
    encourage them to continue to support the chapter.

Here are a few things to keep in mind: