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5 Emerging Trends in HR and Higher Ed

istock_50546534_xlargeKeeping a finger on the pulse of current and emerging higher education and HR-related trends that may have implications for our students, employees and campus communities is a crucial part of our role as HR professionals. In order to effectively assess, plan for and respond to these trends, we must first be “in the know.”

As part of their participation in this year’s annual conference, a few members of CUPA-HR’s Corporate Advisory Council prepared white papers in which they share their insights into emerging trends and issues and how institutions can prepare.

Trend #1: Engaging Millennials
In this paper, Fidelity Investments explores the implications of working with millennials and presents considerations for plan sponsors as they look to engage this generation in their benefits strategies.

Trend #2: New Models in Higher Ed HR Management
In this paper, PageUp looks at how disruptive technology, workforce demographic changes and globalization are impacting all stages of the talent management lifecycle and how HR can respond with new and different workforce management models.

Trend #3: Evolving Faculty Workforce Models
In this paper, TIAA examines how, by expanding its traditional role, HR can provide tools, concepts and approaches for enhancing and expanding academic workforce models.

Trend #4: The Link Between Finances and Health
In this paper, VOYA Financial presents research that ties financial wellbeing to physical health and offers tips on how institutions can help their employees get and stay financially healthy.

Trend #5: Managing the FLSA Changes
In this paper, Sibson Consulting shares what institutions should be doing in order to be prepare for the new FLSA overtime rule, which goes into effect on December 1.

Read all of the white papers and check out the CUPA-HR Knowledge Center for additional resources on these emerging trends and topics.


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