21-Day Challenges

CUPA-HR's 21-Day Habit Building Challenges

The concept of the 21-day challenge was introduced several years ago by diversity expert Eddie Moore, Jr. to create greater understanding of the intersections of race, power, privilege, supremacy, oppression and equity.

In August 2020, more than 2,500 higher education professionals participated in CUPA-HR’s first guided 21-Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge. Since then, an additional 1,000 CUPA-HR members have undertaken the challenge on their own or in small groups.

In 2021, CUPA-HR has offered new challenges that tackle inequities across several frequently marginalized groups. We hope you will take advantage of all of them! Taking action on these issues is imperative to the future of higher education, and HR professionals are uniquely positioned to be catalysts for change.

How the Challenges Work

Live and On-Demand Options

The 21-Day Challenges are offered first as live challenges with live virtual Town Hall events, and later as on-demand challenges you can access at any time. They are ideal for individuals and small groups.

Weekly Themes and Resources

Each week of the challenge has a theme and features resources and discussion questions related to that theme. The questions encourage you to explore your own experiences and biases and to reflect on inequities embedded in campus culture, policies and systems.

Participants in the live events will receive emails each Monday during the challenge. These emails will include information about the week’s theme and registration information for the week’s Town Hall.

On the 21st day of the challenge, participants will receive their final readings for the challenge and a call to action.

Town Hall Discussions

Every Thursday during the live challenges, CUPA-HR hosts a virtual Town Hall for participants. For on-demand challenges, the recordings of those Town Halls will be available.

How to Participate

Participation is free. However, registration is required. See the "Live and On-Demand Options" section above for links to current challenges.

21-Day Challenges are open to CUPA-HR members only. All employees at member organizations are considered members of CUPA-HR and only need a CUPA-HR web account linked to their organization to register for the challenge.

  • If you have a CUPA-HR web account, simply log in when prompted. Not sure if you’re in our system? On the login page, select “Forgot username,” type in your email address and click “Submit.” The system will let you know by email if that address is in our system. Forgot your password? No worries. Select “Forgot password” on the login page.
  • If you do not have a CUPA-HR web account, use the “Create a new account” link on the login page. Be sure to fill in the Organization box. After you have created your account, return to the registration link to log in and register.

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