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FLSA Overtime Regulations – What Are the Top Concerns for Higher Ed?

The February 16 webinar, “FLSA Overtime: How, When and Why to Prepare,” was the largest in CUPA-HR history. With 1,884 sites logged in and 2,500+ participating, the topic is obviously top of mind for all of us in higher ed HR. Presenters provided background information regarding the proposed changes to the overtime regulations and specific examples of what institutions are doing to plan and prepare. (If you missed the live webinar, you can view the archive on-demand at no cost).

During the webinar, we polled participants to help us more fully understand the challenges the changes would create. This information will be very helpful as we continue our work with the Department of Labor and members of Congress, and it may also be useful to you as you continue preparing for the potential changes.




Please know that we will continue our work to ensure that officials at the Department of Labor know of our concerns and the need to reconsider key elements of the proposed FLSA regulations. Watch our communications and the Advocacy and Compliance section of the CUPA-HR website for updates.


The CUPA-HR office will be closed Fridays through August 16.