The Promotion of Women and People of Color in Higher Ed Faculty

In 2020-21, the representation of racial/ethnic minorities declined with each increase in faculty rank; the largest decline in representation occurs between the assistant and associate ranks. This pattern is also evident among women, regardless of racial/ethnic classification. With few exceptions, men are better represented than women of the same race/ethnicity and rank. The only group that experiences an increase in representation with increases in faculty rank is White men.

Explore These Data in More Detail  

See data for specific racial/ethnic groups over time (2017-2021) and for both tenure-track and non-tenure-track faculty.


Data were collected in CUPA-HR’s Faculty in Higher Education Survey with an effective date of November 1 of each academic year. Analyses focus on faculty for whom data on both race/ethnicity and sex were reported. Only non-profit institutions of higher education are included in these analyses.


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