Higher Ed HR Awards

HR Innovation Awards

Sponsored by PageUp

Nominations are now closed. Awards will be presented at the CUPA-HR Annual Conference, October 7-9 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

These awards recognize innovative thinking in higher education HR. The nominee can be an innovative HR project or program, or an individual or team that has developed a new and innovative HR model that can be easily adapted and emulated on other campuses. Two awards are presented each year. Through the generous support of PageUp, CUPA-HR will make a $5,000 contribution to each recipient’s institution.

A key consideration in evaluating nominees is institution budget size. 

  • Small (less than $25 million)
  • Medium ($25 million to $100 million)
  • Large (more than $100 million)

Also, recipients must be willing to share information about their innovation, either in a CUPA-HR publication or conference presentation, as requested.


  • The innovative model is unique, effective or both;
  • The innovative model is in practice (that is, implemented) at the institution and has been received in a positive manner;
  • The innovative model has led to improved performance of the institution, the unit in which the innovation resides or the human resources department;
  • The innovative model can be adapted for use on other campuses;
  • The nominee’s institution is a member of CUPA-HR.

Eligibility Note: Individuals who are employed by the association, individuals who serve on the CUPA-HR national board of directors, and the institutions of those directors are not eligible to be nominated or selected for awards during their terms of service.