Chapter Leaders and Emerging CUPA-HR Leaders

Because of CUPA-HR’s travel and reservation guidelines, you should NOT complete or submit a reimbursement form. If you plan to drive your personal car to Tempe, please see the Driving Reimbursement information below and complete this form for reimbursement.

CUPA-HR covers the cost of your airfare only. Baggage fees, travel insurance and airport parking are not reimbursable.

CUPA-HR is grateful for your support and the support of our corporate partners who help make this event possible. Unfortunately the cost of attendance significantly exceeds what is charged for additional registrations. As such we are unable to extend any discounts for sharing hotel rooms, forgoing hotel rooms, sharing travel expenses, etc.

National and Region Board Members and Wildfire Participants

The reimbursement form for national and region board members and Wildfire participants will be provided by your board treasurer or your contact at the CUPA-HR national office.

Driving Reimbursement

If you choose to drive your personal car to Tempe, CUPA-HR will reimburse you after ALP for mileage at 58.5 cents a mile, up to the amount of a three-weeks-in-advance, restricted coach fare or $450, whichever is less.

On-site parking at the hotel is complimentary.

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