Your CUPA-HR Membership: Responsibilities As Membership Contact

Survey Data Access
The CUPA-HR membership roster does not have any bearing on Survey data access. Survey data access is managed by the top-ranking HR professional on campus. For more information about survey data access and the contact(s) for completing surveys for your institution, email

1 - Receive and coordinate payment of the membership dues invoice each year.

  • The CUPA-HR membership year is July 1-June 30.
  • Membership dues invoices are mailed (in a bright orange envelope!) and e-mailed directly to you in the spring. Dues are payable by check or by credit card (online or over the phone).
  • Learn how membership dues are calculated for institutional members.

2 - Review the membership roster and request any necessary changes.

  • Your membership allows for an unlimited number of employees to be on the membership roster! Add anyone who works in HR and other campus leaders who could benefit from CUPA-HR resources.
  • Membership roster additions and updates made by employees will not require your prior approval, but you have the ultimate authority to make changes to the additions and updates using the appropriate online forms.
  • The membership roster can be viewed any time by searching on the “company contains” field in the member directory (sign in with your personal username and password).

If you would like someone else to assume the membership contact responsibilities as outlined above, complete the appropriate online form.

CUPA-HR membership is for higher education human resource professionals and other campus leaders. CUPA-HR reserves the right to seek authorization from the institution’s or organization’s Membership Contact on any membership roster change requests. Additionally, CUPA-HR accepts no responsibility for any employee at that institution or organization who misrepresents his or her authenticity.

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