Institutional Dues Structure

The dues structure for institutional members is calculated on a sliding scale based on the institution’s budget as defined in the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System’s (IPEDS) report as “Expense by Function.” (see below for a detailed explanation)
CUPA-HR Dues Tier IPEDS Reported Budget Range 2017-18 Dues Rate
1 Up to $6,754,562 $245
2 $6,754,563 to $17,193,294 $360
3 $17,193,295 to $25,250,719 $605
4 $25,250,720 to $36,163,389 $870
5 $36,163,390 to $49,505,576 $1,220
6 $49,505,577 to $66,486,304 $1,490
7 $66,486,305 to $107,049,847 $1,795
8 $107,049,848 to $183,001,591 $2,045
9 $183,001,592 to $312,938,751 $2,290
10 $312,938,752 and up $2,545
Other membership dues categories:
  • Corporate — $1,100
  • International Institution — $870
  • Affiliate Organization — $355
  • Retiree — $30
  • Student — $25 (Waived for the 2017-18 membership year)
  • Transitional — $30

Details Regarding Institutional Membership Dues

Any institution of higher education recognized as such by the U.S. Department of Education or by a similar appropriate governmental agency in another country, and any institution, organization, or agency directly involved in either the academic or research functions of such institutions of administrative HR responsibilities, may become an institutional member of the CUPA-HR. In a multi-campus situation, each organized campus shall be considered a separate institution for purposes of membership if a human resources office exists on that campus. Coordinating bodies such as a university system’s headquarters, state boards of higher education, and college district offices shall be eligible for membership and will be considered as separate institutions for purposes of membership. All System Offices/District Offices shall be categorized into Dues Code 4 for the purposes of CUPA-HR membership dues. Dues are determined on the basis of the institution’s budget as defined in the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System’s (IPEDS) Report as “Expense by Function.” This data is collected annually on three forms depending on institution type:
  • Expenses by functional and natural classification (Private not-for-profit institutions or Public institutions using FASB) Total expenses – Total Amount
    • On IPEDS Finance survey – Part E, line 13
  • Expenses by function (Private for-profit institutions) Total Expenses
    • On IPEDS Finance survey – Part E, line 7
    • Definition: Total expenses are the outflow or other using up of assets or incurrence of liabilities (or a combination of both) from delivering or producing goods, rendering services, or carrying out other activities that constitute the institution’s ongoing major or central operations or in generating revenues. Alternatively, expenses may be thought of as the costs of goods and services used to produce the educational services by the institution. Expenses result in a reduction of net assets.
  • Expenses and other deductions (Public institutions – GASB 34/35) Total Expenses and Deductions
    • On IPEDS Finance survey – Part C, line 19
    • Definition: Total expense is the sum of operating and non-operating expenses and deductions.

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