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What are some commonly recommended troubleshooting tips?

We suggest trying these steps as they’ve proven to resolve issues with content (videos, assessments) loading and proceeding to the next content page.

  1. Attempt using a different browser. Recommended browsers include Chrome, Firefox, and Edge (we do not recommend using Internet Explorer).
  2. Log out of My Courses/CUPA-HR website, and log back in.
  3. Try refreshing your browser.
  4. Clear your browser cache (please see the last page of this document for instructions).
How can I access my CUPA-HR e-learning course?
  • Login to My Courses from the CUPA-HR website by clicking into the Knowledge Center, then click “Course Login” and enter your CUPA-HR login credentials.
  • Upon registration, a confirmation email should be sent to you with the course access link. If you did not receive a confirmation email, please check your spam/junk folder or email us at and we’ll be glad to send you a copy.

Why am I unable to proceed to the next module and/or complete my course?

Please be sure all your e-learning content has been viewed to unlock new content. Below are a couple example scenarios:

  • The continue button is not showing up after I watched a learning video:
    • All videos must be viewed entirely for the continue button to be revealed.
    • All learning assessments must be passed with a minimum score (as noted within each individual assessment).
  • I completed the assessment with a passing score, but cannot proceed to the next page:
    • Please try logging out and back in, or attempt using a different browser as indicated in the recommended troubleshooting tips above.

Any screenshots you can send us ( of your issue will help us to further identify and resolve your issue.

How do I obtain my certificate of completion and recertification credit form?

To access your certificate of completion and recertification credit form (HRCI/SHRM), the course must be completed in its entirety. These forms are located at the end of the “Course Evaluation” module and will also be emailed to you upon successful completion of the e-learning course.

Course completion email:

Where do I find my e-learning course material?

All course material is located within each specific course and accessible from your My Courses page. Just enter your course, select a module, and course materials links will be available from within the table of contents. No course materials will be sent by mail or e-mail.

What is the difference between “Enter,” “Complete,” and “Resume” status?

Courses and course modules will show “Enter,” “Resume,” and/or “Complete” depending on your completion status.

  • “Enter” means that a course or module has not yet been viewed.
  • “Resume” indicates that a course or module has been viewed but is not yet complete.
  • “Complete” will be revealed once a course and/or module is successfully viewed/completed.
    • For example, ensure all content pages have been viewed (and videos watched), as well as achieve a passing score on the assessment and completing the course evaluation module.

Course modules:

Can I retake a course as many times as I'd like?

Absolutely. Your course(s) will always be available to peruse upon logging in to My Courses and while you may have already received your certificate of completion, all content will be available and can be viewed at any time.

How long do I have to take the course before my access expires?

Since there is no course expiration, you may take as long as needed to complete each course. We recommend not waiting too long so you don’t forget about the content though.

Why doesn't a course have pre-approved recertification credits?

Due to subject and duration requirements from HRCI and SHRM, not all e-learning courses may be eligible for recertification credits. If you believe you should receive credit for a course, feel free to self-submit using HRCI and/or SHRM’s standard process via their websites.

How do I clear my browser cache?


  1. From the main menu (:), select More tools, Or, in the browser bar, enter: chrome://settings/clearBrowserData
  2. Select the following:
    • Select Cookies and other site and plug-in data
    • Select Cached images and files
    • Leave everything else deselected.
  3. Click Clear browsing data
  4. Close, re-open your browser. 


  1. From History in the main menu, select Clear Recent History...
  2. From Time range to clear, select Everything
    • Select Cache.
    • Select Active Logins.
    • Leave everything else deselected.
  3. Click Clear now.
  4. Close, re-open your browser.


  1. From the main menu (. . .), click Settings and then select Choose what to clear
    • Select Cookies and saved website data.
    • Select Cached data and files.
    • Leave everything else deselected.
  2. Click
  3. Close, re-open your browser.

Internet Explorer (we do not recommend using Internet Explorer for e-learning courses)

  1. From the Tools menu, select Safety > Delete Browsing History.
    • Deselect Preserve Favorites website data
    • Select Temporary Internet files and website files.
    • Select Cookies and website data.
    • Leave everything else deselected.
  2. Click Delete
  3. Close, re-open your browser.
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