Building a Successful, More Inclusive Search (Group)

Building a Successful, More Inclusive Search (Group) – FREE

The facilitator-led version of this course is now free of charge to CUPA-HR members ($695 for nonmembers). Course access requires a one-time registration. After registering, use the “Access Course Materials” button to log in.



Building a Successful, More Inclusive Search will provide you and your colleagues with tools and resources to help achieve your institution’s diversity and inclusion goals. When you facilitate this course on campus, your institution will be able to:

  • Broaden its outreach and recruitment efforts;
  • Disrupt the status quo of search committees on campus;
  • Overcome barriers and biases in the search process; and
  • Enrich the candidate pool for faculty and staff positions.

After completing the course, you and your colleagues will be able to more effectively facilitate an inclusive process for search committees on your campus.

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Facilitator-Led Group Learning Format


When you register for the facilitator-led, group-learning option for this course, you and your entire team will have access to course materials that include:

  • A Facilitator’s Guide with suggested content and activities
  • Short videos that illustrate the course’s key concepts
  • PowerPoint presentation templates that you can use to prepare your presentation
  • An extensive list of additional resources

Course Length

The course length will vary depending on the content you select to cover and your group’s knowledge of the topics. The Facilitator’s Guide includes a sample workshop schedule that would allow the workshop to be completed within six hours.


Follow the Facilitator’s Guide from start to finish, or tailor the presentation to your institutions specific needs. The material is broken into several components that allow you and your team to create a custom learning experience for search committees or other campus leaders.

Sample Course Material



This course was conceived by CUPA-HR's national board of directors and the board's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, and features content developed by Emeritus Group Consultants. Course content is consistent with the association's learning framework of higher ed HR competencies, which guides all CUPA-HR education and programming.


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Cultural Competence/DEI

Building Capabilities

Identify, Recruit and Onboard Talent