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Western Region Past Chairs

On July 1, 2008 the Northwest Region and most of the states in the Southwest Region joined to form the Western Region of CUPA-HR. Scroll down for the Northwest Region past chairs and Southwest Region past chairs.

2021-22 Brian Powell, Chapman University
2020-21 Clarity White, University of California-Berkeley
2019-20 Brian J. Sagendorf, Idaho State University
2018-19 Sharon Stoneberger, Montana State University – Bozeman
2017-18 Theresa Elliot-Cheslek, Washington State University
2016-17 Janet Mays, Houston Community College
2014-15 David Blake, Oregon State University
2013-14 Kevin Fowler, Tyler Junior College
2012-13 Kris Codron, Lewis and Clark College
2011-12 Amy King, University of Denver
2010-11 Penny Jenkins, University of Nevada, Reno Cooperative Extension
2009-10 Kevin Price, Northern Wyoming Community College District
2008-09 Marcia Chatalas, The University of Arizona
Northwest Region Past Chairs

2007-08   Wendy Davis, Central Wyoming College; Dennis Defa, Central Washington University (Co-Chairs)
2006-07   Wendy Davis, Central Wyoming College
2005-06   Wendy Davis,Central Wyoming College
2004-05   Bruce Curl, Laramie County Community College
2003-04   Craig Gardner, Salt Lake Community College
2002-03   David Miller, Idaho State University
2001-02   Sylva Staab, University of Idaho
2000-01   Jo Rogers, Eastern Washington University
1999-2000   Greg Walters, Lewis & Clark College
1998-99   Jacquelyn Rudolph, Oregon State University
1997-98   Cathy Conover, Montana State University, Bozeman
1996-97   Jacquelyn Rudolph, Oregon State University
1995-96   Jane Kinn Buser, Oregon State University
1994-95   Mary Ann Wersch, Reed College
1993-94   Kay Bryant, Community Colleges of Spokane
1992-93   Anna Sarton, Seattle University
1991-92   Anna Sarton, Seattle University
1990-91   John Nugent, Montana College of Mineral Science
1989-90   Barbara Barrie, Oregon State System of Higher Education
1988-89   Clark England, Utah State University
1987-88   Pete Gallagher, University of Alaska, Anchorage
1986-87   Lana Anderson, Utah Technical College
1985-86   Steve Otzenberger, Montana State University
1984-85   Jack Steward, University of Oregon
1983-84   Donna Allen, Olympic College
1982-83   Ron Garrison, Utah State University
1981-82   Dick Cottril, University of Wyoming
1980-81   Anna Sarton, Seattle University
1979-80   Mike Kaelko, Montana State University
1978-79   Ron Anderson, Portland State University
1977-78   Don Wells, University of Washington
1976-77   Nick Kann, University of Wyoming
1975-76   Jane Kinn Buser, Boise State University

Southwest Region Past Chairs

2007-08   Corleen Parmelee, MDR
2006-07   Barbara Wilson, Colorado College
2005-06   Steve Wood, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
2004-05   Sandra Cooper, SPHR, OSU-Tulsa
2003-04   J.W. Mason, Arkansas State University
2002-03   Allison M. Vaillancourt, The University of Arizona
2001-02   Barbara G. Taylor, University of Arkansas
2000-01   Michael Suess, California Polytechnic State University
1999-2000   Rand Horsman, University of North Texas
1998-99   Patricia L. (Patti) Couger
1997-98   Judith T. Munoz, Scripps Research Institute
1996-97   Casey Gonzales, University of Texas-Arlington
1995-96   Rhonda Houser
1994-95   Ruth M.Boone
1993-94   Wilton Rogers, Jr., New Mexico Highlands University
1992-93   Kenneth M. Tagawa
1991-92   Douglas L. Stutler
1990-91   Nancy Nelson, El Paso Community College
1989-90   James C. (Chip) Moore, Pepperdine University
1988-89   Gary A. Lombard
1987-88   William A. Neff, University of California-San Francisco
1986-87   Anthony T. Ramirez
1985-86   Kent Evans
1984-85   Quelda M. Wilson
1983-84   Robert Durrett
1982-83   Claude E. Hemple
1981-82   Larry Williams
1980-81   George A. Evanoff
1979-80   Norman Minler