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Western Region Past Chairs

On July 1, 2008 the Northwest Region and most of the states in the Southwest Region joined to form the Western Region of CUPA-HR. Scroll down for the Northwest Region past chairs and Southwest Region past chairs.


Janet Mays, Houston Community College


David Blake, Oregon State University


Kevin Fowler, Tyler Junior College


Kris Codron, Lewis and Clark College


Amy King, University of Denver


Penny Jenkins, University of Nevada, Reno Cooperative Extension


Kevin Price, Northern Wyoming Community College District


Marcia Chatalas, The University of Arizona

Northwest Region Past Chairs

2007-08   Wendy Davis, Central Wyoming College; Dennis Defa, Central Washington University (Co-Chairs)
2006-07   Wendy Davis, Central Wyoming College
2005-06   Wendy Davis,Central Wyoming College
2004-05   Bruce Curl, Laramie County Community College
2003-04   Craig Gardner, Salt Lake Community College
2002-03   David Miller, Idaho State University
2001-02   Sylva Staab, University of Idaho
2000-01   Jo Rogers, Eastern Washington University
1999-2000   Greg Walters, Lewis & Clark College
1998-99   Jacquelyn Rudolph, Oregon State University
1997-98   Cathy Conover, Montana State University, Bozeman
1996-97   Jacquelyn Rudolph, Oregon State University
1995-96   Jane Kinn Buser, Oregon State University
1994-95   Mary Ann Wersch, Reed College
1993-94   Kay Bryant, Community Colleges of Spokane
1992-93   Anna Sarton, Seattle University
1991-92   Anna Sarton, Seattle University
1990-91   John Nugent, Montana College of Mineral Science
1989-90   Barbara Barrie, Oregon State System of Higher Education
1988-89   Clark England, Utah State University
1987-88   Pete Gallagher, University of Alaska, Anchorage
1986-87   Lana Anderson, Utah Technical College
1985-86   Steve Otzenberger, Montana State University
1984-85   Jack Steward, University of Oregon
1983-84   Donna Allen, Olympic College
1982-83   Ron Garrison, Utah State University
1981-82   Dick Cottril, University of Wyoming
1980-81   Anna Sarton, Seattle University
1979-80   Mike Kaelko, Montana State University
1978-79   Ron Anderson, Portland State University
1977-78   Don Wells, University of Washington
1976-77   Nick Kann, University of Wyoming
1975-76   Jane Kinn Buser, Boise State University

Southwest Region Past Chairs

2007-08   Corleen Parmelee, MDR
2006-07   Barbara Wilson, Colorado College
2005-06   Steve Wood, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
2004-05   Sandra Cooper, SPHR, OSU-Tulsa
2003-04   J.W. Mason, Arkansas State University
2002-03   Allison M. Vaillancourt, The University of Arizona
2001-02   Barbara G. Taylor, University of Arkansas
2000-01   Michael Suess, California Polytechnic State University
1999-2000   Rand Horsman, University of North Texas
1998-99   Patricia L. (Patti) Couger
1997-98   Judith T. Munoz, Scripps Research Institute
1996-97   Casey Gonzales, University of Texas-Arlington
1995-96   Rhonda Houser
1994-95   Ruth M.Boone
1993-94   Wilton Rogers, Jr., New Mexico Highlands University
1992-93   Kenneth M. Tagawa
1991-92   Douglas L. Stutler
1990-91   Nancy Nelson, El Paso Community College
1989-90   James C. (Chip) Moore, Pepperdine University
1988-89   Gary A. Lombard
1987-88   William A. Neff, University of California-San Francisco
1986-87   Anthony T. Ramirez
1985-86   Kent Evans
1984-85   Quelda M. Wilson
1983-84   Robert Durrett
1982-83   Claude E. Hemple
1981-82   Larry Williams
1980-81   George A. Evanoff
1979-80   Norman Minler