For Corporates

CUPA-HR Name and Logo Usage Policy

The name “College and University Professional Association for Human Resources,” also known as “CUPA-HR,” and CUPA-HR’s distinctive logos are all service marks owned by CUPA-HR. These service marks may not be used in any manner without written permission from CUPA-HR, except as detailed below. Moreover, CUPA-HR does not allow its corporate members to indicate their affiliation with CUPA-HR in any commercial solicitations. The intent of these policies is to avoid the perception that CUPA-HR endorses a specific product, service, person or entity. CUPA-HR reserves the right to revoke membership from any institution, organization and/or individual for failure to abide by this policy.

Following are the limited exceptions under which a CUPA-HR member may use the name “College and University Professional Association for Human Resources” or the acronym “CUPA-HR” (but not association or conference logos) without prior permission.

  • In reference to any CUPA-HR conference, workshop, publication, video or website.
  • In reference to news or information disseminated by CUPA-HR (e.g., “CUPA-HR reported....”)
  • In annual reports, internal documents, and similar noncommercial materials as might be required by the member institution’s/organization’s administrative practices.

If you have questions on the above policy or requests for permission to use CUPA-HR’s name, acronym or logo, contact CUPA-HR using this form.



The CUPA-HR national office will be closed July 4 in observance of Independence Day.