Chapters & Regions

CUPA-HR has four regions and 41 chapters.


CUPA-HR members are considered members of the region in which their institution is located. Each region has a board that plans timely seminars and an annual region conference. A representative from each region serves on the CUPA-HR Board of Directors.

  • To learn more about your region, click on the appropriate section of the map below.
  • To learn more about chapters in your area, visit the Chapters page of your region’s website.
CUPA-HR Region Map


CUPA-HR chapters are affiliated with the association, but operate independently. Chapter membership is open to anyone within the chapter’s boundaries. They also plan local meetings and seminars that take place throughout the year. Visit the Calendar of Events page for dates and locations.

Interested in Forming a Chapter?

The association provides incorporation materials, bylaw templates and other forms of support for developing chapters. Contact CUPA-HR at 877-287-2474 or via email for more information.

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