For Corporates

CUPA-HR Position Statement on Corporate Entertainment and Gifts

Effective January 1, 2019, Exhibitor giveaways and drawings will be permitted at CUPA-HR national and regional conferences. Giveaway and drawing prizes must be limited to a market value worth of $150 or less. Any exhibitor offering a giveaway or drawing worth more than $150 will be required to cease giveaway or drawing publicity immediately. CUPA-HR will not provide a forum for giveaways and drawings to be conducted or announced during face-to-face events. Communicating drawing and giveaway results will be the responsibility of individual exhibitors.

CUPA-HR allows exhibitors to hand out branded marketing collateral such as pens, Post-It notes, pads of paper, clip holders and the like from their booths during Expo open hours. We ask our exhibitors to be mindful of the ethics and limitations to which our attendees may be held by their universities.

Hospitality Events

Corporates may invite conference attendees to hospitality events on the conference “open” night(s) at a time that does not conflict with conference programming. Compliance with CUPA-HR’s statement and policies regarding entertainment and gifts is expected as part of your continued participation in future CUPA-HR conferences.

CUPA-HR conference participants will be encouraged to contact their corporate hosts with any questions about the value of what is being given or hosted. Corporate hosts should be prepared to contact their guests if the value of a hosted event or gift exceeds the interpreted limits in the guidelines for their local area.

Corporates have always been asked to submit invitations to their hospitality events to CUPA-HR headquarters staff prior to the conference and this procedure has not changed. CUPA-HR will review the invitation for the accuracy of following information:

  • Correct logo, conference name and date
  • Hospitality event location and time
  • Place/restaurant name
  • Expected number of attendees