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Welcome to the Higher Ed Workplace!

welcome-mat-300pxHR is HR, right? Does the industry in which you work really matter? Aren’t the functional areas the same across all sectors? Yes and no. While the basic tenets of human resources work apply across the board, HR work in higher education requires a slightly different approach. From the pace of the work to the way work gets done, from the nuances of working with faculty and student employees to the overall culture of higher ed, it can take some getting used to.

If you’re new to the higher ed workplace, or have a colleague who is, here are some resources that can help with acclimating to the unique environment that is academia.

1) 7 Terms Unique to Higher Ed – This blog post contains a quick overview of “higher ed speak.”

2) 4 Tips for Succeeding in Higher Ed HR – Here, several individuals who cut their teeth in the corporate workplace provide tips on what to expect when transitioning from private sector to higher education.

3) Understanding Higher Education Quiz – Think you have what it takes to navigate the sometimes complicated maze of working in higher education? Take this 7-question quiz to test your knowledge and find out!

4) CUPA-HR Knowledge Center – The toolkits and resources in the Academic HR and Employment Relationship sections give a great overview of some of the unique aspects of HR work in higher ed. (This resource is available to CUPA-HR members only.)

5) Understanding Higher Ed E-Learning Course – This four-hour online course provides professionals who are new to higher education the basic background, information and tools they need to be successful in the unique environment of higher ed.