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Test Your HR Legal Knowledge: First Amendment

test-your-hr-legal-knowledge-CUPA-HRWhether “HR legal expert” is already on your list of mastered HR competencies or you’re working to get it there, here’s a real court case that will test your HR legal knowledge and risk management acumen on the First Amendment. Review the facts of the case, tell us which side you think prevailed, and find out if you’re right!

The Case: Campus Cop Love Triangle — Goff v. Kutztown University & Its Police Chief (E.D. Pa., 10/22/14)

The Facts:

  • Plaintiff was a campus police officer at Kutztown University.
  • Plaintiff received a distressed telephone call from a fellow campus police officer’s estranged wife (with whom he was romantically involved) stating that her estranged husband had threatened her with a gun and that she’d also received a text message from her son stating that his father was threatening her.
  • In addition to the then current romantic involvement, the plaintiff had formerly been “best friends” with the estranged husband.
  • Plaintiff called the state police, stating he was a campus police officer and wanted to alert them as a law enforcement officer of a matter of public concern — domestic violence — and then stated that the other campus police officer was threatening his estranged wife with a gun.
  • Plaintiff did not mention that he was romantically involved with the alleged victim.
  • Plaintiff was a probationary employee at the university.
  • Plaintiff was discharged shortly after the incident for failure to adequately complete probation.
  • Plaintiff sued claiming First Amendment retaliation of his right to speak out on a matter of public concern.

The Question: Is a campus policeman’s domestic violence call-in complaint to the state police accusing a fellow campus patrolman protected speech relating to a community concern (domestic violence) and therefore protected by the First Amendment and grounds for overturning his termination?

Yes No

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