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2017 Benefits Survey

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Data collection opens April 4, 2017 and closes June 11, 2017.

The Healthcare Benefits in Higher Education survey collects data on the most representative healthcare benefits offered to faculty and staff employed in a cross-section of the nation’s colleges and universities. When you participate in the survey, you not only strengthen the overall data, but also receive a discount of up to 60% on the survey results.

  • The survey collects detailed data for four types of health plans: PPO, HMO, POS and HDHP with HSA or HRA. The survey also collects data for stand-alone dental insurance.
  • The 2017 Healthcare Benefits in Higher Education survey collects data on healthcare benefits only. Non-healthcare benefits such as life insurance, disability, time-off, tuition assistance and retirement will be collected again in 2018.
  • For your convenience, this year's survey has been shortened in length.

For more information about the data and how they are collected, review the Survey Participation Integrated Template for the survey you’re preparing to complete.

Our Data Anonymity Statement provides an overview of the safeguards we have in place to ensure that our data is anonymous at both the employee and institutional levels.

DataOnDemand for the 2017 benefits survey will be available July 12, 2017.

2018 Salary Surveys

Data collection will begin in fall 2017.

How to Log in and Confirm Your Participation/Provide Data

1. Log in to Surveys Online, Our Data Collection Platform

After you’ve logged in:

  1. Select the Surveys tab
  2. Click the Surveys menu
  3. Click “Go” next to the survey for which you’ll provide data
  4. If you’ve not already done so, check the box for “My institution will complete this survey”
  5. Begin to collect and input your data using the Survey Participation Integrated Template (link provided above and also available in the Downloads section of Surveys Online).

2. Let Us Know That You Plan to Provide Data for the Survey

When you let us know that you plan to provide data – step 4 above – we can send you instructions and reminders as we approach the deadline and alert you to any changes.

3. Collect and Input Your Data

Use these helpful resources to collect and provide data: