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New Data Ordering and
DOD Subscription Management System

CUPA-HR is pleased to announce the launch of a new system for ordering and managing your CUPA-HR research products. This affects your institution's DataOnDemand (DOD) subscriptions, as well as your annual reports.

What Does This Mean For DataOnDemand?

  • Ordering DataOnDemand subscriptions (and annual reports) just got easier. For starters, the shopping cart process has been simplified, and you can view your institution's order history any time. The new system also allows specific individuals at your institution to grant and remove access to DOD subscriptions with just a few clicks.
  • Anyone at your institution can purchase a DOD subscription. However, in the new system, only your chief HR officer, CUPA-HR membership contact or a designated sub-administrator can authorize DOD access. Access will need to be granted by your chief HR officer, CUPA-HR membership contact or a sub-administrator for each individual who needs access. The good news is, they can manage that access through the new system with just a few clicks. Manage DOD access.
  • Automatic notifications will accompany major changes. Your institution's chief HR officer, CUPA-HR membership contact and any designated sub-administrators will receive an automatic notification when new DOD purchases have been made at your institution, or when someone at your institution is granted access to DOD subscriptions. Purchase notifications will include instructions for granting access.

Annual Reports Are Easy to Access, Too

The new system offers easy access to every annual report your institution has purchased in the last three years. Employees at your institution who log in to the ordering site using their personal CUPA-HR login credentials will be able to view your institution's order history, purchase annual reports, and download PDFs of reports already purchased. View your institution's purchased annual reports.

If you have any questions about the new data ordering and DOD subscription management system, please contact us.