Research Results

Ordering Custom Reports

Custom data orders provide you with a report on a single position within your own custom comparison group. Only colleges, universities and designated higher ed affiliates may order custom data.

Types of Reports

Single Position Reports are available for our administrators, professionals and staff surveys. The single position report provides the median, average and range for a position’s salary, with the option to add additional percentiles. This report also includes graphical representations of the salary distribution, quartiles and trends. Example of a Single Position Report

Single Discipline Reports are available for our faculty survey. The single discipline report provides the median and average for salaries within a discipline (four-digit CIP code) at each available rank. Options include filtering by tenure track, non-tenure track (teaching) or non-tenure track (research). This report also includes graphical representations of the salary distribution, quartiles and trends within each rank. Example of a Single Discipline Report

Prevailing Wage Reports are available for our faculty, administrators and professionals surveys. This report provides all necessary information on a single position for submitting prevailing wage data to the Department of Labor, including weighted and unweighted means and medians for one or two custom comparison groups. Example of a Prevailing Wage Report


The cost of custom data orders is based on two factors: your institution's participation in the survey containing the data you need.

  • If Your Institution Participated in the Survey and
    • Is a CUPA-HR Member ... $455/report
    • Is Not a CUPA-HR Member ... $815/report 
  • If Your Institution Did Not Participate in the Survey ... $1,140/report

To request a custom report, complete the Research Custom Report Request form. You will be contacted within on business day by a member of the CUPA-HR research team and asked to provide any additional details needed to complete your order.

You will be asked to provide payment after we ensure that we can provide enough data for the custom comparison group you have requested, but before you receive the final report. We cannot guarantee that salaries will be within a predefined range before your payment has been processed.


The CUPA-HR office will be closed Fridays through August 19.