Administrators in Higher Education Salary Survey

The Administrators in Higher Education Salary Report contains detailed aggregate salary information from 1,125 institutions for 191 executive and senior-level administrative positions. The overall median base salary increase for higher ed administrators increased by 2.2% in 2016-17.

Overview of Report Content

(highlights, list of data tables, and participating institutions)

Survey Participation Integrated Template

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Interested in seeing this data compared by Carnegie class, affiliation, region, size, total expenses, or any other custom comparison you choose? Do you need this information for specific positions? Would you like to see median percent changes for previous years' data so that you can see trends in salary increases? The Trend Report in DataOnDemand allows you to do all this and more. DataOnDemand is your essential tool for budgeting and compensation planning.

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Compensation Evaluation Service

In an effort to help governing boards determine appropriate compensation for their top institutional leaders, CUPA-HR has partnered with AGB Search to provide select data for AGB Search's Compensation Evaluation Service.


To purchase archived survey reports, e-mail . Previous years' data is also available in DataOnDemand.