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Social Media: The New Recruiting Tool?

I found it a bit odd recently when a “social recruiter” began following me on Twitter. Seems we’ve all heard the cautions from various legal councils regarding Googling job candidates, looking at what they’ve posted out there on the interwebs and basically becoming our own super sleuth. What seems to be happening though is different — a new way to use these same tools to identify potential candidates before they’ve even applied or the job has even been posted.

It wasn’t until I read George Anders Smart Social Media Helps Jobs Find You HBR blog post that I began to put the pieces together. Basically through interactions on LinkedIn, Twitter, even Facebook and Pinterest companies are beginning to identify potential job candidates through their postings, comments, what they share, their opinions, etc. It’s certainly a quick way to find people that may be passionate about your brand, company, university, profession in general or simply possess the skills and traits you’re looking for. However, as George points out, it also stresses the importance of thinking about what you put out there for the world to see.

On one hand, I could see how some would think this type of perusal for the sole purpose of hiring could be a bit creepy. On the other hand I could see how some would be flattered by a job offer. What do you think? Have you connected with a potential job candidate via a social media site?