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Shedding Light on New Background Check Guidance From the EEOC

What is disparate impact, and when is it an issue for employers conducting background checks? What if state law conflicts with federal guidelines on background checks?

These are just some of the questions CUPA-HR’s chief government relations officer, Josh Ulman, asked the EEOC’s Jim Paretti in a recent interview. Jim is special assistant and counsel to Commissioner Victoria Lipnic of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and the interview took place soon after the EEOC issued an update to its guidance on how employers could use arrest and conviction records. Jim offers clear definitions and excellent examples of the situations the guidance is intended to address. If you have 15 minutes, it’s worth watching!

You’ll find more in-depth information on the risks and best practices in the webinar “Background Checks: Risks and Best Practices for Educational Institutions,” which was webcast in February and is now available in archive format.

What types of challenges have you or your institution experienced with regard to background checks?