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Service Is a Part of Who We Are. Can You Say The Same About You?

November 8, 2011 was a great day in Knoxville, TN. The sky was clear and the temp was around 70 degrees. As the band U2 would proclaim … “It’s a beautiful day!” But it was not the weather that made it beautiful. It was the CUPA-HR staff! As part of our commitment to service to our community, the CUPA-HR national office was closed so that all staff could participate in one or more of three service activities … Habitat for Humanity, Keep Knoxville Beautiful and Second Harvest Food Bank.

Our Habitat volunteers spent the morning building sheds for newly constructed homes in South Knoxville. We learned fun things about some of our colleagues including that Paul can drive a nail with one strike of the hammer. Our Keep Knoxville Beautiful volunteers actually focused on trying to keep the area in close proximity to our office more beautiful. It is truly amazing how many people litter in 2011. Who are these people and what the heck are they thinking? We live in such a beautiful place. Why would any ignorant person choose to throw trash out of their car window? Suffice it to say that interesting things were found during trash pickup along Lovell Road including a briefcase! Our Second Harvest Food Bank volunteers spent most of their time labeling cans of Bush’s Baked Beans and prepping them for shipment across East Tennessee. Yes, we can now recite all the ingredients in a can of baked beans! We also tested several different methods of label sticking and can sorting including the “Suzi method.” 🙂

It was also a beautiful day because we were able to interact with our CUPA-HR national office colleagues in a different way that didn’t involve a spreadsheet, a deadline or our many other daily work activities. Thanks to the volunteer agencies for allowing us to help them and SPECIAL THANKS to the great group of people that I get to work with every day.