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Regulatory Agenda Released – Fall 2014


On Friday, November 21, the federal administration released its biannual unified regulatory agenda. Agendas are released twice a year, generally in April and November. They are designed to provide the public with information on regulations the federal government is currently considering and to prioritize action items for the coming year. The agenda released Friday sets target dates for each agency and sub-agency’s regulatory actions, from the beginning to the end of the regulatory process, and provides insight into which issues will be a short-term focus for the agency. It also includes long-term action items to allow relevant parties to begin considering the impact these regulations may have.

Highlights of the regulations CUPA-HR has been focused on are as follows:

  • NLRB’s election regulations – release of final regulation TBD (possibly by end of this year)
  • FAR’s Fair Pay/Safe Workplaces contractor regulations – target release January 2015
  • DOL’s proposed rule with changes to the overtime exemption – target release February 2015
  • DOL’s final persuader and LM-21 regulations – target release July 2015
  • OSHA’s electronic reporting final rule – target release August 2015
  • OFCCP’s Compensation Data Collection Tool final rule – August 2015
  • OFCCP’s Non-retaliation for Disclosure of Compensation Information final rule – September 2015

See a detailed agenda of the workplace regulations CUPA-HR has been tracking. And visit the CUPA-HR website for monthly updates, as well as letters and briefs outlining CUPA-HR’s advocacy positions.