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Patti’s Picks – 10 Can’t-Miss Knowledge Center Resources

pattiIt’s hard to believe the CUPA-HR Knowledge Center turns 10 years old this year! We’ll celebrate this milestone in many ways throughout the coming year, but to kick things off, we asked Knowledge Center Content Manager Patti Couger to share her top 10 must-have, can’t-miss KC resources. And Patti knows her stuff. She’s worked on the Knowledge Center almost since its inception, using her 30 years of experience in higher ed HR to procure relevant and timely content, answering user questions via the “Ask Patti” feature, and playing an integral role in last year’s Knowledge Center redesign.

Patti knows first-hand the myriad challenges and issues higher ed HR pros face, and she populates the Knowledge Center with these in mind. So without further ado (drumroll please!), here are Patti’s picks for the top KC toolkits:

  1. FLSA Toolkit – provides instruction on how to comply with FLSA recordkeeping requirements, an application form for hiring students at sub-minimum wage, rulings specific to higher education, an FLSA Q&A and more.
  2. FMLA Toolkit – addresses administrative challenges with part-time faculty, provides direction on how to process a request for FLMA leave and provides links to sample forms.
  3. Title IX Toolkit – provides advice on how to administer Title IX compliance pursuant to the “Dear Colleague” letter and a links to a legal manual developed by the Department of Justice.
  4. Orientation/Onboarding Toolkit – identifies a checklist for processing new employees, offers guidance on how to design an orientation/onboarding program and highlights model programs at several institutions.
  5. HR Audits Toolkit – offers instruction on how to conduct a number of HR-related audits (I-9, FLSA, Title IX, etc.) and numerous readings on the principles of HR audits.
  6. Ethics Toolkit – includes instruction on how to design and implement a workplace ethics program, an academic integrity assessment guide and ethics training templates.
  1. Employee Awards and Recognition Toolkit – details strategies for developing effective recognition programs, sample policies and links to programs at numerous institutions.
  2. Whistleblower Toolkit – includes links to several institutional policies and forms as well as an investigation manual.
  1. Substance Abuse Toolkit – provides instruction on how to develop a drug-free workplace program and contains links to sample handbooks and drug testing guidelines.
  2. Age Discrimination in Employment Toolkit – details individual and institutional rights and obligations under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, provides access to the EEOC Age Discrimination in Employment Manual, and features an ADEA Q&A by a respected law firm.

There’s no doubt the Knowledge Center has come a long way since its debut in 2005 (the KC now contains nearly 70 higher ed HR toolkits!), and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank the CUPA-HR boards, committees and leaders that have helped us envision, plan, create, implement and improve upon the KC through the years. We’d also like to thank Founding Partner TIAA-CREF and sponsors VALIC, Sibson Consulting, Fidelity Investments and Kronos for their continued support of the Knowledge Center.

Keep an eye out in the coming months for more featured Knowledge Center content on the blog, in the CUPA-HR eNews and on the CUPA-HR home page.