Update the Membership Roster

The membership roster is the list of individuals at an institution or organization who have access to CUPA-HR membership benefits. Institutional and affiliate organization members can have an unlimited number of representatives on their membership roster at no additional charge! Add anyone at your institution or organization who could benefit from CUPA-HR resources.

Need a copy of your membership roster? Log in and click the option to view your membership roster, search by company in the member directory or contact CUPA-HR toll free at 877-287-2474 or via email.

Use the form below to submit a request to update your institution’s or organization’s membership roster by:

  • Adding yourself or others as member representatives to the roster,
  • Removing member representatives from the roster, and/or
  • Updating contact information for member representatives on the roster

CUPA-HR membership is for higher education human resource professionals and other campus leaders. CUPA-HR reserves the right to seek authorization from the institution’s or organization’s membership contact on any membership roster change requests. Additionally, CUPA-HR accepts no responsibility for any employee at that institution or organization who misrepresents his or her authenticity.

Because the procedure of updating the membership roster is a manual process, we do ask that you give us 48 hours to complete your request.

Change the Membership Contact

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To indicate the individual who should assume the CUPA-HR membership responsibilities, fill out the information below.

Add Myself to the Roster (To Receive Full Membership Benefits)

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Add Others to the Roster

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Delete Member Representatives from the Roster

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Update Contact Information for Existing Member Representatives on the Roster

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