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CUPA-HR Board Member Travel and Meeting Responsibilities

CUPA-HR pays all travel and meeting costs to attend the three national board meetings and the Association Leadership Program (ALP). There are no board meetings at the national conference or the spring learning events hosted by the regions, so board members are responsible for their own national and spring learning event attendance costs. There are some exceptions for the chair and chair-elect.

Board Meeting Dates

The July board meeting takes place on the Wednesday and Thursday prior to the Association Leadership Program (ALP). For 2020, the ALP will be held in Tampa, FL and the schedule is as follows:

  • New board members and the executive committee (chair, chair-elect, past chair, treasurer, and president and CEO) arrive the afternoon of Tuesday, July 14 and have dinner together
  • New board orientation on the morning of Wednesday, July 15
  • Returning national board members arrive during the morning on Wednesday, July 15
  • National board meeting the afternoon of Wednesday, July 15 and morning of Thursday, July 16
  • Meet with region boards on the afternoon of Thursday, July 16
  • ALP begins on Friday morning, July 17, and continues through Saturday, July 18
  • Return home on Sunday morning, July 19

In addition to the July meeting, the board has a fall meeting and a spring meeting. The fall board meeting is typically held in early December at the property that will host the next annual conference. The spring meeting is typically held during late April at a property that is hosting a CUPA-HR spring event.

With few exceptions, committee work is handled via monthly conference calls and email. Board members typically serve on two to three board committees.

Board Meeting Format

The three scheduled in-person board meetings are typically one-and-a-half days. Other periodic conference calls are held throughout the year. All meetings and calls are scheduled well in advance and are included on the calendar of meetings and events that is posted on the board member website.