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CUPA-HR Board Member Selection Criteria

CUPA-HR national board members are expected to be higher education human resources thought leaders. Candidates for national board positions should be listed on the roster of a CUPA-HR member higher education institution and have the support of their institution to attend all board meetings and other related activities as appropriate for the duration of their three-year terms of office.

The following criteria will be used by the national board to evaluate candidates for national board vacancies. Typically, candidates will not possess all of the following, but will meet several of these criteria.

  • Possesses an area of expertise that helps the association meet one or more of its strategic initiatives
  • Has the demonstrated ability to take a broader perspective (outside one’s own type of institution, state, region, etc.)
  • Has the demonstrated ability to develop strategic direction and vision and/or implement a strategic direction and vision … identified by peers as a thought leader
  • Has the demonstrated ability to recognize and promote trends, issues and best practices
  • Has the demonstrated ability to confidently and articulately lead discussions and express opinions in a collaborative, collegial manner
  • Broadens the diversity and inclusiveness of the national board
  • Has the demonstrated ability to mentor, engage and share information with current and potential CUPA-HR leaders
  • Has a demonstrated commitment and passion for higher education, higher education human resources and higher education workforce issues
  • Has been an active contributor at the national, regional or chapter level, including presentation of concurrent sessions, committee leadership or board committee leadership/participation
  • Has served in a leadership role with CUPA-HR or with other organizations

Candidates should also have a commitment to contribute the time, interest, ability and resources necessary to complete assignments promptly and professionally.