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Comments From Past CUPA-HR Leaders

“I am forever grateful for the time I served on the national board as a member and chair.  These experiences provided me with the opportunity to give back to an association and colleagues who have given so much to me professionally and personally.  Over the 18 years I’ve been associated with CUPA-HR, I’ve continued to be impressed with the continuous improvement and transformation that the staff and volunteers at the local, state, regional and national levels have implemented.  I encourage you to nominate yourself or a colleague for service on the national board of directors.  It is a phenomenal experience that will positively impact your life in many ways.”

Lynn Bynum, Former CUPA-HR National Board Chair
Chief Human Resources Officer & Title IX Coordinator, Bellarmine University

“When I had the privilege of serving on the CUPA-HR national board, I heard one of my friends use the phrase that we were being the ‘leaders of leaders.’ Everyone involved in the association steps up to lead — the national board provides a whole different and wonderful experience. If you want to make a difference and have an impact on the profession and the industry — then this ‘working board’ opportunity is for you. Some folks have talked about giving back by serving, however it is what you take away that you will treasure. The bonus besides getting the chance to work with the best colleagues in higher ed HR is that you work closely with a national office team that is the absolute gold standard for all professional associations. Throw your hat in the ring to serve — we need you!”

Mark Coldren, Former CUPA-HR National Board Chair
Associate Vice President, Human Resources, University at Buffalo, State University of New York

“Service on the national board provided many opportunities for influence, particularly on the future of our profession, the learning framework, diversity and public policy. Working with other CHROs on common challenges and opportunities and participating in the development of leaders were particularly meaningful.  Experiences at the national level provided opportunities for application at my university, our state and the region. It is the hardest working board I have had the privilege of serving on and through that and the fun we had, I have lifelong friends and wonderful memories.”

Laurita Thomas, Former CUPA-HR National Board At-Large Director
Associate Vice President for Human Resources, University of Michigan

“Serving on the CUPA-HR national board is a true ‘high-density’ leadership opportunity that doesn’t come along often in one’s professional career.  This is not an honorary or courtesy board. It’s a true collaborative team whose members help lead the association with meaningful strategic, policy and fiscal oversight.  They grapple with the critical and pressing challenges of our profession. They influence the scope and content of national public policy debates on issues that impact higher ed and its workforce. They share their substantive content expertise, lessons learned, perspectives and insights, all with the goal of making our institutions, and the practice of human resources, better.  And I think every former member of the board would tell you that, as a result of their board participation, they have been elevated even beyond what they contributed -- in knowledge, resources and world view, and in lifelong professional and personal connections.”

Barbara Carroll, Former CUPA-HR National Board Chair
Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Human Resources Officer, Vanderbilt University

“For me, my time on the national board was both professionally and personally one of my most rewarding experiences. What I appreciated most about my time was that the board understood that we serve to serve our profession. It is unique in that we are tasked to not just be present at Board meetings but to really contribute to the issues of the day. My time on the board has allowed me to grow my perspective and impact on issues ranging from diversity and inclusion to major legislative policy issues. I had the opportunity to stretch and see my profession from varied higher education viewpoints and contribute as a strategic thought leader. Like many of you, I had always benefited from great mentors and examples, and serving on the board allowed me to give back to my profession. If you want to make a tangible difference for our profession and work with some of the best and brightest, I strongly encourage you to take the opportunity to serve and be part of an exciting future.”

David Blake, Former CUPA-HR National Board Chair
Vice Chancellor and Chief Human Resources Officer, Seattle Colleges

“Nothing has contributed more to my understanding of higher ed HR and appreciation for higher ed HR leaders than serving on the national board for CUPA-HR. Active service on the CUPA-HR national board most definitely strengthened my role and value to my institution. It is an opportunity to work hard at work worth doing and benefit by the knowledge and friendships acquired along the way.”

Donna Popovich, Current CUPA-HR National Board Chair
Executive Director Human Resources, The University of Tampa


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