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2019-20 Wildfire Class

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Kayla Fall, Human Resources Coordinator
Marymount California University
I recognize that my greatest strengths continue far beyond leadership, recruitment, and team building. To state that I’m a hard worker is an understatement. I make a point to meet deadlines, stay true to my word, perform to the best of my ability each day, and develop positive relationships with my coworkers. I’m not afraid to ask for help when I need it because I know that I still have much to learn.

Sarah Lobb, Human Resources Generalist, College of Engineering
University of Iowa
I have great enthusiasm for a long career in Higher Education human resources and I am driven to hold a leadership role someday. I value and empathize with the experiences of my colleagues, and I also have an understanding of the goals of College and University leadership. I want to develop my influencing skills, my knowledge of recruiting and particularly recruiting diverse groups of people, and my skill in creating a healthy work environment where all faculty and staff employees, from all backgrounds, see the College of Engineering and the University as a place to stay for their entire careers.

Kelsey Gregory, Compensation Specialist
Indiana University
In addition to collaborative growth, I am determined to make an impact in my workplace as I progress over the years. As my HR career continues, it will grow to entail an increased scope across many HR functional areas and necessitate the need for additional learning outside my current purview. I want to learn as much as possible from the industry and other institutions and organizations. My goal is to look back on my career path and see the strong impact I have made for constituents and colleagues.

Austin Fann, Talent Consultant
Vanderbilt University
As a young professional, I see great value in taking advantage of educational opportunities. Through my studies and professional work, I have gained a strong understanding of higher education and have become familiar with key stakeholders, contemporary issues, and knowledge of the different functional areas across university campuses.  When I began my higher education human resources career in 2014, I had no idea that I would be entering into a field that I was truly passionate about, or that I would still be working within the field almost five years later.  While I am still early in my career, I am committed to continuing my work in higher education and advancing in the field of human resources.

Shana Arias, Divisional Human Resource Representative
(formerly of University of Central Florida)
I am passionate about both Higher Education and HR so the idea of utilizing HR as "an integral piece in developing and executing the institution’s mission and objectives" is something I am incredibly excited to learn more about. Having a background in IT and analytical, I strongly believe in importance and power of data driven decision making and would love to learn more about how to utilize data and metrics to produce a better HR model for the future, as well as to discuss the ideas of what success looks like and how to measure it from professionals with expertise in our field.

Shannon D'Auteuil, Associate HR Partner
University of Maine System Office
I have 4 years’ experience in Human Resources, most of that being in a small family owned company. It was a great place for me to start my HR career, but I am so grateful to have now found my position in Higher Ed. I want to continue to grow and learn so that I can continue to advance in the field and be the amazing leader and resource for staff and students. I feel I have a good handle on the basics but want to learn how to really help the university and be a valued resource that can really make a difference.

Megan Chester, Career Development Consultant
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Before working in human resources, I worked in student affairs supporting students’ career development. I spent several years cultivating industry knowledge across a wide range of sectors. I carried this expertise to my current HR role where I work very closely with MIT employees who are advancing their careers within higher education. I am thrilled that my transition from student affairs to human resources has been an incredibly rewarding and exciting experience.

Neha Pearson, Senior Recruitment Specialist
The Catholic University of America
I love being part of the HR team at Catholic University (CUA), and this is my first foray into HR in higher education. My greatest strength is working with hiring managers on campus and providing them with training and assistance on our ATS, while supporting our mission. I enjoy knowing that I have been a part of bringing talent on campus. Working on the ATS project allowed me to contribute to a new method that impacted the entire university.

Robin Keel, Policy Analyst and HR Communication Specialist
Motlow State Community College
Education is a passion of mine and I want to help every college or university I serve through quality human resources services. I have a passion for modeling and developing teams that are more inclusive. Being the “only” at my college of a subpopulation that is traditionally pushed to the margins in the South, I have felt how lack of equity can stifle individual and community development. I believe with administrative support and external training, I can take training in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion and use them to develop better services that honors the dynamics of our diverse team and better serve our student body and employees in a more holistic approach.

Donovan Johnson, HR Associate
Covenant College
I enjoy leading teams and bringing out the best in individuals. I took a non-traditional pathway into the field of human resources. I did not study human resources or business during my undergrad program. I was actually an English major. Upon graduation, I was hired on at my Alma mater to work in student affairs. From my involvement in the career center of the university, I gained a passion to work with people in the workplace. I am a culmination of the wisdom and efforts of many people; thus, I try to always pay it forward and invest in others.

Luz Rodriguez, Human Resources Associate
Baylor University
My time at Baylor University has been filled with discovery and growth. From realizing my passion in Human Resources at the end of my junior year of college, to finding myself starting a career in higher ed. Within my role in the HR Service Center (HRSC), I get to service every faculty and staff member that has a question HR could handle. Learning how different HR teams process their requests, applications, forms and how they would like for my team to approach each process has helped me further grow to understand HR within higher education.

Jasleen Aguilar, Human Resources Administrative Support Assistant
California State University‐San Bernardino
I’m a firm believer that there is always room for growth. As a recent graduate from California State University San Bernardino and an early‐career professional in higher education HR, I’m still learning and exploring my ultimate goal in the human resources world. I’m currently an Administrative Support Assistant for the Diversity, Inclusion and Equity team within human resources at CSUSB. I’m eager to be part of a program that can help me identify my goals and aspirations in higher education HR.